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IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare solutions encompassing business consulting, application development & maintenance, testing, mobility, analytics for improved Patient outcomes & healthcare delivery.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is robust system that facilitates hospitals to manage and control their day to day activities with patient medical history. Capable of performing multiple functions at a time.

Manage Patient Records - EMR

Records and maintain secure Electronic health records of Patients within the system for better experience.

Scheduling & Appointments

Manage schedule of consulting doctors with Patients where doctors control the schedule with appointments.

Admission, Discharge & Transfer Records

Maintain data of patients with access and retrieval of ADT records by authorized members to manage status.


Single click drug selection in HIMS allows patients to get information on dosage and possible side effects.

Billing & Invoice

Create a bill automatically as per consultation charges during the scheduling and update payments status.

Insights & Analytics

Data collected from hospitals can be analyzed for meaningful insights into patients & health conditions.

Staff Management

Assign tasks and responsibilities to hospital staff & provide with details to complete task with tracking.

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Chiro Practice Solution

SpineTech PRO is the only ROF and Analysis software that includes X-ray, Posture, Range of Motion, Spinal Listings, Care Plan, and Financial Plan in one affordable package. SpineTech PRO was designed for healthcare professionals who appreciate the importance of biomechanical analysis and documenting motion and postural deficits.

Analytic Software

Most Comprehensive Biomechanical Analysis Software.Works with DICOM, JPEG, PNG, DMX, Digital and Plain Film Images.


Designed for Practitioners to educate their patients and improve the treatment results with the interactive system flow.

Generate Reports

Ability to prepare quick reports upon self-analysis. Create complete reports (.pdf) to see a visual check.

Clinical Records

Solution for managing user’s data at their fingertips using efficiently to log Patient Health information.

Compare Reports

Generate and compare different health reports to demonstrate and see the progress of improvement each time.


Web interface to View reports generated through desktop application with Responsive designs & resolutions.

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Telemedicine Solution

Our telemedicine app development services provides a solution to both doctors and patients for scheduling an appointment online and connecting virtually through a video call in a secured way.

Online Consultation

Connect with patient virtually through video call using the latest WebRTC technology for one-to-one interaction.

Schedule Real- time Appointment

Set up real-time appointments with doctors by checking the schedule and eliminating queues at hospitals.

Access to Medical Notes & Prescriptions

Doctors have facility to record findings while consultation within the app to help access for consultation.


Depending on Consultation doctor can set-up follow-up meeting with the patient to continue the treatment.

Medical Records Access

Helps patients to store their medical notes. Doctor will look into information for treatment/consultation.

Clinics Management

Helps Clinics to use econsultation to avoid visits at the hospital unless it is a very emergency situation.

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Clinical Communication System

Messaging & Communication Communication tool that lets hospital teams’ access and exchange information securely. Clinic staff members can conduct secure consultations internally and with patients.

Interactive Chat

Streamline communication between staff and Doctors in the Clinic for the easy interface in the treatment.

Shift Management

Effective shift management to ensure booking of doctor’s time slots. Improve wait times, eliminate no-shows.

Staff Management

Clinics can manage their Staffs and thier Tasks with effective communication.

Subscription Model

System will Generate ROI based on subscriptions. Clinics will purchase subscription-based on staff count.

Bulk Messaging

Facilitates Clinic to send Bulk Text Messages to patients / Staff. Define templates for bulk messaging.

Appointments & Todos

Manage Appointments between Patients and Doctors of same clinic. Staff can see their Todos for the current day to complete.

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Laboratory Service

A platform that enables patients to take hospital based diagnostic tests for ABPM, Sleep study, Holter, and CGM at the comfort of their home.

Home Delivery

Complex algorithm to check, availability of booking slots based on region, device, technician's availability.

Real time Tracking of Technicians

Easy to use mobile application to see allotted bookings, carry out installation/uninstallation of device.

Reporting Executive

Convert medical reports into a readable format and assign specialist Doctor to get opinion on medical report.

Expert Opinion / Advices

Doctors are given special access to see report and provide opinion, if requested by Patient at booking time.

Operations Managements

Set up and manage the day to day operations for devices, consumables to the Technicians through the system.


Multi-level Access control with Dynamic Rules for better security and effective work management at clinic.

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Pharmacy solutions

Online Pharmacy solution for customers to avail easy medicine delivery. Complete one stop solution for pharmacies looking to target both website and mobile application platforms.

Easy Order Process

Quick Process of order where customer can upload prescription to get order process and skip product surfing.

Search Products

Robust search feature with auto-suggestion. Detailed and intricate product indexing to relevant results.

Stock and Inventory Management

Standalone platform to manage SKU and Inventory to accept orders. 3rd Party Shipping integration for delivery.

Coupons / Discounts

Multiple Rule-based Coupons and Discounts configured by platform admin for better functionality and workflow.

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Health & Fitness

Achieve your fitness resolutions with your favorite health and wellness communities. Trainers can either live stream or upload pre-recorded videos to inspire your next fitness journey.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming of Videos by Trainers. Facility for Trainers to share live or upload pre-recorded video.

Instant Chat

Make easy connection with trainer through instant communication with trainer without any appointments.

Revenue by Advertisements

Pre-roll Video Advertisements within in the live stream will generate additional revenue for platform admin.

Hosting and Streaming

Streaming solutions demand good experience in dealing with 3rd party integrations for streaming, playing video and Live Recording.

Subscriptions Model

Trainers generate revenue through subscriptions model which generates commission based revenue to the platform admin too.

Live Commenting

Trainers on the platform while watching the video have the facility to comment live.

Network of Followers

Trainers build a network of Followers who will subscribe to follow with minimal fee and get live stream updates when the trainer is live.

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Food & Diet plan solutions

Building a Nutrition and Diet plan unique to each user is a challenging task compared to build a generic plan to all subscribers. Solution we build has unique business model to share personalized Nutrition and Diet plan for users.

Diet Plan Analysis

Workout diet plans based on user's lifestyle and DNA Reports. Pre-roll Video Advertisements.

Track Goals

Uses Gyroscope and GPS based technology to track user's Steps. Keep Competitive approach between app users.

Integrated Dashboard & Leaderboard

Dashboard to view aggregated information. Leaderboard to increase performance to become a Top contender on the Point collection.

Interactive User Interface

Plot information on graphs to display user's performance on the workout activities.

Gamification Model

Create interactive contest for users to help them keep motivated to reach their goal and earn some benefits.

Workout Tutorials

HQ videos embedded right into the app and responsive across all devices Videos and images indexed according.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

What are Healthcare IT solutions?
Healthcare IT solutions are a broad and rapidly expanding category that includes the use of technology in medical care, connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare IT solutions are used to improve quality, safety, efficiency and access to health care. This includes everything from electronic medical records (EMR) systems to telemedicine applications.
Why invest in healthcare technologies?
Healthcare IT solutions are the backbone of any successful healthcare organization. With the growing proliferation of smart devices and new technology comes innovative ways to streamline processes, improve outcomes and better serve patients. Investing in innovative health IT solutions is one of the smartest investments you can make for your practice or hospital.
What are the benefits of online technologies in the healthcare space?
Online technologies in the healthcare space offer benefits such as reducing the need for medical staff for routine tasks, increasing the availability of resources and reducing treatment costs. In addition to those benefits, online technologies can also help patients manage their own health by giving them access to information about their care, anytime, anywhere.
What kinds of professionals would be involved in building up such an app?
The most common professionals who would be involved in this process are designers, developers, project managers and business analysts. There is no one specific person who will do all of these jobs, but the more people you have, the better off you'll be.
Are there special requirements for database design, implementation, and management in this field?
One of the key features of any healthcare IT solution is the database that stores all of the patient data. Database design, implementation, and management are an integral part of these solutions. There are a few considerations that you should make in your database design. Hidden Brains provides expertise in delivering healthcare IT solutions that are HIPAA-compliant.
Do you provide healthcare mobile solutions?
Yes, Hidden Brains has a dedicated development team to create healthcare technology solutions for a plethora of devices across different operating systems. We offer a wide range of mobile apps that include wellness, fitness, health care management and more. If you're not sure what type of healthcare technology solution you are looking at, please contact us and we can help you figure out the best way to serve your patients or clients.
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