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This handy app with a machine learning (ML) element allows users to easily control expenses. It eliminates the need for keeping hard copies of all tax receipts and invoices. This facilitates the users to lodge tax returns as the app allows them to keep everything in folders in an orderly manner and, more importantly, easy and fast to access when they need them.

Features Offered
  • Add expenses and income on the go
  • Advanced multi-selectscanned
  • Export files as you require
  • Smart Dashboard visually

Business Problem

Bringing accuracy with AI-powered OCR app to digitize receipts, bills,
and invoices of any size and complexity.

Client reached out to us for developing a mobile application that would assist with the daily filing of bills, which we need to have when tax time arrives. So we worked around this idea, and we worked hard to bring it to what it is today:

A self-employed app exclusively built for sole traders, contractors, freelancers, and small businesses.

Business Problem

Project Challenges

Creating a powerful portable scanner to recognize text automatically (OCR) and save in multiple formats.

  • Creating multi scanner that quickly reads the receipts
    and captures data
  • Exporting all kinds of reports and receipts added
    by Users
  • Research on integration to directly file a tax return
    from the app
  • Managing multiple conditions and restrictions for different
    types of users: sole traders, contractors, freelancers, and small business

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HB Solution

Built AI-powered OCR app to help sole traders, contractors, freelancers, and small businesses save time in filing bills.

  • Organization of Files/Folders

    Add expenses and Earnings in folders in an orderly manner & organize all tradies/contractors

  • Exclusive Scanner

    The advanced machine learning scanner and the unique features of doiTAX will allow the user to automatically scan receipts with descriptions and select bill amounts via OCR Technology

HB Solutions
HB Solutions
  • Mileage calculation

    Accurately calculates mileage expenses when a user adds vehicle and business-related journey

  • Smart Calculator

    App automatically separates all GST and Superannuation and assists with BAS declaration expenses paid, so users can easily comply with your Tax obligations

  • Reports & Sharing

    Users can simply select reports and send them to their preferred tax accountant when tax time arrives

HB Solutions


Results Outcome
  • 1000+Satisfied Customers
  • 80%Accurate Predictions
  • 60%Reduction in customer care calls
  • 50%Improvement in efficiency
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Technology Stack

  • AngularAngular
  • Codeignitercodeigniter
  • Axure RPAxure RP
  • InvisionInvision
  • PhotoshopPhotoshop

Trusted Us

Kind words that keeps us motivated

I just want to reach out and thank HB for all the help and support they provided developing the mobile app. I can't thank you enough for the knowledge and patience throughout the development. And a big thank you to all the members involved in Hb.

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