Create new capabilities and respond to technology needs of tomorrow, today

Hidden Brains enables organizations from startups to large enterprises make their current operations efficient.

We are a global provider of IT consulting and Enterprise Solutions in India catering to various technology platforms across diverse industry domains worldwide from eLearning, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, energy & utilities, travel, transportation & hospitality.

We invest in innovation to help our clients unleash new potential across their organizations. What makes Hidden Brains unique is their pool of diverse professionals, industry expertise, and a real understanding of what to do in order to succeed. With an industry experience that spans several decades, we offer a plethora of client-centric services by enabling enterprises achieve competitive advantage through flexible and next generation global delivery models.

We aim to rewire business operations with enterprise mobility, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Our team helps enterprises respond to this competitive world and scale according to transformation objectives - from operations to technologies to people.


Hidden Brains team is passionate about delivering excellence and committed to helping clients scale to new heights. Committed to integrity & transparency, we demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. Our values of innovation and collaboration drive us to achieve lasting success for our clients across the globe.

  • Excellence
  • Transparency & Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability


Our Leadership team comprises of visionaries leading the path for Hidden Brains in its journey to being a global leader in business and technology services, bringing the future to life.