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IT Solution for Educational Industry

Hidden Brains, a leading education software development company offers a diverse range of eLearning development services & solutions to ensure that learning never stops. Our team has successfully designed and developed technology solutions for the education sector that improve efficiency, enhance learning and facilitate students, instructors and administrators.

School Management System

Our school management system is specifically designed for educational institutes, schools and universities to help teachers & school administrators to manage all student & curriculam related data through centralized platform.

Classroom Management

Features includes seating charts, lesson management, assignments, Daily Lesson Log, and more.

Attendance Management

Track attendance for students of each class and record absences with reasons.

Study Materials & Homework

Daily Homework tracking & uploads with Subject wise study materials.


Exam result declaration notice with Subject wise exam result of each student, parent control view.

School Library Management

Books cataloguing with its availabilty, issue & return records.

Transport Management

Avail transport service online with payment and checkout convient route.

Communication Tools

Ensure seamless communication between schools, students, teachers, parents through direct messages.

Fees Collection & Accounting

Online Fees payment for parent; easy for school admin to track accountings.

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Learning Management System

Learning Management system oversees the management and delivery of eLearning courses. It can be extensively used by businesses, national & local government agencies, educational institutions and online/eLearning-based institutions to plan, implement and assess learning process online.

Online Courses

Online courses for students to overcome geographical barriers and connecting with teachers as well as with fellow students in virtual classes.

Assignments & Practice Tests

Mock tests and practice test based on different subjects, time and questions; designed to assess student knowledge and preparation for exams.


Live online classes with whiteboard support along with screen sharing, annotation (write, draw, color, shapes).

Automated Evaluation

Get a comprehensive and quick evaluation report and scorecards to analyze the performance of students.


Get online certification after completing a course.

Offline Videos

Subject wise videos uploaded by teacher, that could be played anytime with/without internet connectivity.

Study Material/ File Sharing

Option to upload and save files in different options such as PDF, DOC, videos, audios, PPTs and more.

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Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom software solutions utilize video streaming and online classes to establish a learning loop between students and teachers. Virtual classroom solutions encompass video classes, course materials online, assignments evaluation, online tests and students assessment all in one place.

Online Class

Preplanned schdules for online classes, student to join and discuss with teacher live with video & audio.


Screen sharing, annotation features for students and teachers with the option to write, draw lines, change colour, add shapes to the whiteboard.

Live Conversation

Live chat option between student and teachers to ensure seamless and uninterrupted communication during live sessions.

Study Material/ File Sharing

Option to upload and save files in different options such as PDF, DOC, videos, audios, PPTs and more.

Courses, its Schedule

Check planned courses by experts, basic info, price to enroll with access to video library and progress monitor.

Mock Test

Question paper set by teacher, Student to give with help of test simulator, receive test reports.

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Student's Portal

Our student portal solutions provide a social platform for students of particular school / university / organization / institute to connect with each other and share knowldge, information.

Bulletin Board

Access bulletin board with important notices, blogs, reminders in chronological order with the latest information first.

Social Timeline

Post daily information on timeline, follow your classmate, like his post & comment.

Chat Feature

Option for students to chat directly to other student and share files, videos and audio copies.

Create Group

Form a group of some student and discuss, share, like ideas, and many more.

Solve Doubt

Publish doubt, query with category and get instant reponses from friends.

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Academic Expert's Portal

Our solution provides a channel for private coaches,tutors or Subject Matter Experts to share & upskill students with their subject expertise by resolving doubts through video chat, whiteboard, file sharing and other powerful objects.

Subject Matter Expert Library

Browse suitable subject/theory experts based on their skills, experience, past review.

Appointment Booking

Based on availability, book calendar slot and make online payment to confirm appointment.

One to One Online session

Student and expert live online video call for doubt resolvement.


Utilize whiteboards’s objects like text editor, draw shapes, file sharing, live chat, image, rotate, resize, relocate.

Doubt Resolvement

Discussion board to publish doubts and get resolved by experts.

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Social & Emotional Learning

Self assessment system with curriculum course planning helps Teachers to organize routine and prepare corresponding skillsets that helps to improvize teaching method.

Curriculum Management

Helps in course planning of entire year for different grades.

Personality Assessment

Set self goal and assess your social & emotional personality.


Connect with Parent by single click and share assignments.

Presentation solution

Live share course content with students considering content security.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

What is an eLearning solution?
E-learning is the newest way to learn and share knowledge. An e-learning solution is a set of software that provides an interactive experience for learners. As the use of technology in education expands, so do the types of e-learnings systems available.
How does education apps help in learning?
Education apps are designed for the sole purpose of making it easier for teachers and students to engage in learning. By providing them with a resource that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, they can more easily take advantage of new technology as well as new resources. With education apps, it is easier than ever before for educators to find the perfect tool that meets their needs while also saving time by having all of their materials in one place.
What are Advantages of Educational Mobile Apps?
  • Portability and Mobility
  • Engagement
  • Personalized and Interactive Learning
  • Online Study
  • Eliminating geographic barriers
  • 24*7 availability
Why Choose Hidden Brains Elearning technology solutions
Hidden Brains offers extensive experience in building award-winning technology solutions. Our robust educational apps are a great way to make sure that you're giving your audience the best possible experience. We offer a track record of success and portfolio of completed elearning projects. Our portfolio includes examples of various types of apps built, such as games or educational apps. We have experience in the type of app you want built, and previous experience working with clients.
How much does it cost to build on-demand elearning app?
The cost of elearning apps depends on features, complexity of idea, technology stack, integrations, UI/UX. The major platforms such as iOS, Android, Cross-platform and Web each one needs a particular tech stack. It may cost more to develop an educational app if you want to build native apps for both iOS and Android. If you need exact estimation of cost, it is important to send your elearning development requirement to our team.
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