Flutter Beta 3 is Out for Developers: iOS and Android Mobile App SDK

Courtesy: Flutter.io

Google I/O 2018 marked the launch of Flutter Beta 3 version, mobile app software development kit (SDK) for building beautiful and native mobile UI for iOS and Android. Along with the launch of 3rd beta version of Flutter, this...

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written by Albert Smith for Google, Technology section(s).

Important Announcements & Updates from Google I/O 2018 that Developers Must Know About

Courtesy: Google

The much awaited Google Annual Developers Conference is here. This Google I/O event is much more than mere Android P operating system announcements. It speaks about significant changes in Google Maps, Google Assistant and Gmail. Let’s know what Google keynote speakers talked about...

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written by Albert Smith for Awards & Events, Google section(s).

DevOps-Cloud Architecture: Exploring its Advantages for Enterprises

Cloud technology and DevOps is indeed a good combination. While other enterprises are struggling to streamline tier operations, the ones using cloud and DevOps are experiencing astonishing results and delivering huge value. In order to take the full advantage of the Cloud – DevOps combination, enterprises...

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written by Albert Smith for DevOps, Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Solutions section(s).

Big Data Analytics: Driving the Restaurant Industry towards Profitable Growth

Retailers, grocery stores, restaurant owners and food producers are using new forms and sources of data to understand customer requirements effectively and discover important food & restaurant industry market trends. Whether it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile, social and Internet of Things (IoT), emerging technologies are...

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written by Albert Smith for Big Data Services section(s).

Driving IIoT in Manufacturing: Technology-Powered Strategy

Manufacturing industry has struggled hard to live up to the expectation of end customers. Major challenge faced by manufacturing is to introduce technological change and evolve processes that directly respond to the needs of customers. Beyond mere selling of product, customers are now demanding for more...

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written by Albert Smith for Application Development, Manufacturing section(s).

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