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Hidden Brains, a leading Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Software Development Company offering fully functional ecommerce multi-vendor marketplaces for the seamless process of adding sellers and keeping track of their sales.

High on user experience and intuitive interface, our multi vendor marketplace software is developed considering business-level objectives providing a suite of features.

Ecommerce multi vendor marketplace solution provides features such as simple payment arrangements, social media platforms integration, great interface, and rewards & discounts, ratings & reviews. Our customizable multi vendor ecommerce marketplace software allows to sell multiple products through your one storefront and customers can place products from multiple vendors in a single shopping cart. The website admin can set up shipping protocols, modify products in the marketplace and register new vendors.

This multi vendor marketplace development services is suitable for ecommerce businesses of any size to build and manage marketplaces quickly, efficiently and affordably with an emphasis on providing complete control over everything in the ecommerce store. Equipped with all features, this platform can create various plans for buyers and a system for managing the payment process to vendors.

Technologies We Use

Features of Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace Admin Features

Features For Site Admin

  • Dashboard – Multi vendor marketplace software provides Dashboard with all important quick stats and graphs on since visit.
  • Manage Customers – multi vendor marketplace solution is not only lets you manage your customer, but also let’s you know their buying trend and their activities. Gives you a list of dormant customers who can be pitched with offers, making customer engagement and involvement easier.
  • Advertisements – Advertising say it for site’s products or redirect to 3rd party sites, can be managed by just a few clicks. Our multi vendor ecommerce marketplace gives you a log of your customer’s hits.
  • Rewards Points ecosystem – Engage your customer more with rewards points ecosystem, where customer earns rewards points and spends on products.
  • Manage Product catalogue – Managing your products, “where it will show” and “how it will show” is just a few clicks away. Map products with category and tag it for similar products, list it on site mega menu, is just 1 click away.
Marketplace Ratings & Coupons System

Ratings & Coupons

  • Review and Ratings of Products – Bind your customers with trust by creating a transparent and open platform for your customers to share their reviews and rating for the product. Give confidence to other buyers from words of your own customer and increase your sales.
  • Gift Cards – Let your customer share their love, by sharing digital gift cards. Use it anywhere on the platform to buy anything.
  • Coupons – Any ecommerce is incomplete without coupons. Give your customer the confidence of grabbing the best deals by creating coupons.
  • Refer and Earning – Increase your customers by engaging them by rewarding referral credits.
  • Raffle and Draws – What is best then getting something for absolutely free? Engage your customer to perform specific tasks (buying 5 different products) and enter them in a raffle draw for exciting prices.
  • Manage Merchants – See what your merchants are selling, manage their reviews and update your commission anytime with the merchant.
Multi-Vendor Marketplace Payment Features

Payment Wallet

  • Payments Wallet – Customer / Merchants can send / request money within the platform using QR code, Email address or Phone numbers. Also, customers pay for products using the wallet.
  • Top-up Wallet – Customer can load money either by online or can pay cash to Merchant and load their wallet.
Multi-Vendor Marketplace Product Returns Features

Product Returns

  • Returning Products – Customers can request for return and ship back the products to the merchant. Upon delivery confirmation, customer gets the refund.
  • Location Based Selling – Merchants can sell to specific locations based on their shipping operational capacity.
  • Report Feedbacks – Customers found something wrong, not a worry. Let them share it to the site admin.
Multi-Vendor Marketplace Merchants Features

Features For Merchants

  • On Boarding – Easy and self-Registration for merchants.
  • Sell your Own Product – Can sell products from available product catalogue or can add own products for selling.
  • Manage Customer Orders – Manage and track payments, ship it and put the tracking number.
  • Manage your staff - Working as a big organization not an issue. Add your operational staff as well.
  • Coupons – Create your own Coupons and increase your sales by offering your discount to customers.


Typically plays host to a wide variety of sellers who sell different types of items. Customers have the convenience of shopping for different kinds of goods under one roof.

Easy Inventory Management

Managing warehouse and its related human resources can be a daunting task for an ecommerce company, especially a start-up. Our multi vendor marketplace solution allows the vendors to handle their inventories and its related complexities.

Cost-effective Solution

Multi Vendor marketplace solution reduces typical costs associated for the store owner as every vendor will manage the costs associated with the selling department and there is no requirement of hiring extra people.

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We will develop white labelled multi vendor marketplace app based and you can publish it on market place.

This purely depends on how big you want to increase your sales and how far your merchants can manage shipping operations. However, all order places will be in native site currency only.

We recommend to use scalable amazon cloud services to host the multi vendor marketplace software, that allow dynamic resource allocation based on usage activities.

Your merchants will see credits and debits in the closed wallet associated with the software. You can make the pay-outs using any convenient channel and register it on the platform to let your merchants know.

Your merchant should perform the shipping of the products.

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Build a multi-vendor ecommerce store

Our multi vendor ecommerce marketplace software help merchants open an online store with multiple vendors.