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Completing the automation
cycle of automatic filling
with e-receipts and
station finder app.

Oil Filling Stations Finder App

Taking the innovation of the Avanti network of automatic filling stations a step further by adding centralized filling station maps and receipts database across all of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

About Client


RegionVienna, Austria

IndustryOil and Gas, Innovative
Energy and High-end
Petrochemical Solutions

Brief Description

OMV is one of the largest Oil & Gas companies that have filling stations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With millions of patrons in many countries all over Europe, it is a well-known brand that has been around for more than 60 years.


Centralize and make publicly available the fuel receipts data that was distributed over various databases and was accessible only to OMV staff who would then manually search for the receipt and send it to the customer.

Allowing loyal customers to find filling stations when they are on the go with a smart gas station finder app which would also pick out the best route for the customer.


Expected Outcome

A smart and reliable way to have all your fuel receipt located in one app which would reduce the manual efforts and calls received by the company and also fully automate Avanti Stations.

An app that works as your fuel buddy helping you find fill stations across 3 continents and assist you with finding the best route on your long road trips

The Pain Areas

OMV has more than 1450 filling stations that serve millions of customers. The receipts generated for each refuel were stored in separate databases based on the location of the fuelling stations. The need of the hour was to centralize this data and make the receipts available to the customer.

Enhancing customer experience by providing a filling station app that would allow the customer to find OMV filling stations as per their location.

more than 1450 filling stations
filling station app

Expected Outcome

  • Millions of OMV patrons can now find their nearest OMV filling station on the go
  • PathFinder feature allows users to find a route that would allow them to refuel at strategic points on a long drive.
  • Find any backdated receipt in just a few clicks.
  • Be notified of any new filling stations that are now opened up near your location.
  • Be up to date on all the products OMV has to offer

Key Challenges


existing OMV processes

Robust & Scalable

The architecture needed
to support Big Data.

Reverse Engineering

the existing products

Seamless App

that works both in English
and German

Large data volume

from multiple fuel stations

Data Migration

of past receipts

Different Pattern

of data per fuel stations

The Impact


Avanti Filling
Stations Automated.


Increase in
Customer Loyalty


Data Loss


Accuracy in
Maps and Filling
Station Locations


The reduction in the use
of Paper Receipts

Hidden Brains' Path to Success

Reverse Engineering at it's Best

Software Reverse Engineering is a process of gather-
ing details of the design, requirement specifications,
and functions of a product by thoroughly analyzing the
product.and functions of a product by thoroughly analyzing the product.

The Promise

With our homework on the app and database done, Hidden Brains was able
to promise the client that during the revamping of the existing system and
the data migration to a single there would be no data loss. This
promise was made based on Hidden Brains' expertise in data migration and
having a 19-year long history of providing software solutions.

The Planning

Based on the requirements elicited during the reverse engineering
phase, Hidden Brains concluded that the best way to
execute this project would be to go with sprint planning.

The sprints were planned and the best suitable resources were
applied to the project to ensure optimum results

Proof of Concept

One of the key features of the app was to be the
filling station finder. This required the app to be
able to pin the stations on the map with complete
accuracy. To achieve the same the Hidden Brains
team prepared the proof of concept for the app.


With the backing of strong reverse-engineering, the
development stage began. Each feature was
developed with care and quality to ensure that
OMV brand values were reflected in the
final product.

Data migration

The next big challenge was to merge data. This was achieved by
analyzing the invoices XML files and their patterns. Data migration
of all the old filling station receipts from various servers and filling
stations to one single server was achieved successfully WITHOUT

QA Tests

Once the application was ready, Hidden Brains rigorously testing
the app to ensure all the data, features and perks
functioned as required. After a detailed test of the app,
Hidden Brains and OMV were ready for the launch.

The Launch

The launch of this app in Apple App Store and Google
Store re-established OMV as an innovative brand
and the complete revamp of their existing brought in
many positive feedbacks and joined the OMV
customers into one big happy group of people across
3 continents.

The ongoing journey

We are still proudly partnered with OMV in maintaining the
app and adding new features to keep it fresh