Emerging Technologies and the Future of the Logistics Industry

Future of the Logistics Industry

Right from unmanned robots to drones for online order delivery, supply chain and logistics industries are undergoing a rapid transformation. Just imagine emerging technologies such as wearables, IoT, blockchain, and machine learning are completely transforming several industries. The future of supply chain...

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written by Albert Smith for IT Services section(s).

Advantages of Internet of Things in the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Technology Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining importance of gigantic proportion and the entertainment industry is clearly not an exception. Past few years have witnessed growth of mammoth level and taken a ballistic shape. It is certainly not a technology fad, rather will stay...

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written by Albert Smith for Entertainment Technology Solutions, IoT section(s).

Stages of Design Thinking and How it Works


Design thinking is a methodology focused on providing a solution-based approach to overcome problems. It is the best approach to overcome unknown, undefined or unanticipated problems. This specific method relies on the human ability to understand different patterns and develop emotionally appealing ideas which are meaningful...

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written by Albert Smith for Design, Web Development section(s).

Technology Solutions to Reduce Friction for Travelers

Mobile apps are at the crux of customer engagement. In today’s world, mobility is changing the way we work, live and stay connected. Travel Industry Software Solutions are helping maintain connection with customers. In an era of fierce competition, market uncertainty and disruptive...

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written by Albert Smith for IT Services section(s).

How Prescriptive Analytics Is Changing The Face Of Every Industry Across The Globe

Prescriptive analytics across industries

Why is prescriptive analytics across industries so evident and wide spread? Why is big data the talk of the town? Why do companies invest heavily in prescriptive and predictive analytics?

Before we answer all these questions, let us start from the basics. What led...

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written by Albert Smith for Big Data Services, Enterprise Solutions section(s).

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