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Since 1975 the company has worked at national and international level in the field of security by designing, producing and supplying

Intrusion prevention, fire prevention,
video surveillance and access control systems.

Innovations in the field of security, like cloud e-Connect system for the integrated remote management of
intrusion detection and CCTV systems, the NG-TRX bidirectional wireless system, TREDDIX security sensors with
3D analysis, AI powered e-Vision & D-pulse. Utilising Artifical Intelligence to solve complex security challenges.


Integrating new security innovations

Legacy System Integration

Integrating new security innovations with existing legacy systems posing compatibility challenges.

International Expansion

Adapting to international markets involves dealing with diverse regulations, standards, and cultural nuances.

Remote Management Complexity

Managing intrusion detection and CCTV systems remotely, especially with innovations like cloud e-Connect, could introduce complexities in terms of connectivity and cybersecurity.

Managing intrusion detection

CCTV systems remotely, especially with innovations like cloud e-Connect, introducing complexities in terms of connectivity and cybersecurity.

Integrating new security innovations
Integrating new security innovations

AI Implementation Challenges

Leveraging AI-powered solutions like e-Vision & D-pulse involve challenges related to algorithm training, data accuracy, and real-world application.

Cybersecurity Concerns

With increased reliance on technology, addressing potential cybersecurity threats becomes a critical concern, especially in systems that use AI.

User Training and Adoption

Introducing advanced technologies require training end-users and ensuring smooth adoption across all levels of the organization.


As the company expands and introduces innovative solutions, ensuring that systems remain scalable and adaptable to growing needs becomes crucial.

Data Privacy Compliance

Adhering to data privacy regulations, especially when dealing with AI and video surveillance, requires careful consideration and implementation.

Hidden Brains Solution/Value Additions

Multi-Server - Multi-Client Connectivity

Hidden Brains enabled simultaneous connectivity across multiple servers and clients. This included seamless communication over both Ethernet and the internet.


Real-time Notifications

A sophisticated notification system, ensuring that each connected client application received timely updates from the server. This real-time communication proved instrumental in enhancing overall system responsiveness.

Dynamic Configuration Management

Dynamic database and email configuration capabilities empowered EL. Mo. Spa. to adapt and configure settings on-the-fly, ensuring agility in response to evolving security needs.

Support for Diverse Hardware

System seamlessly supported panels, DVRs, and CCTVs from multiple providers. This compatibility added a layer of flexibility to EL. Mo. Spa.'s security infrastructure.


Pre-defined Email Templates

Hidden Brains introduced pre-defined email templates. These templates, integrated into the system, provided efficient handling of specific predefined scenarios.

Configurable CCTV Views

Hidden Brains enhanced the user experience by introducing configurable CCTV views. Operators could now customize their views with layouts such as 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc., providing optimal surveillance perspectives.

Visual/Interactive Map UI

Development of visually intuitive map interface provided operators with real-time visualizations of device statuses. This interactive map UI became a central tool for efficient monitoring and management.

Macro-enabled Command Execution

allowing operators to execute commands across multiple devices with a single click. This streamlined workflows and response times.


Multilingual and Dynamic UI

Recognizing the global nature of operations, Hidden Brains incorporated multilingual support into the UI. Additionally, the UI was made dynamic and customizable to cater to the diverse preferences of EL. Mo. Spa.'s clientele.

Scheduling Mastery

The system's scheduling capabilities were enriched with day-wise timing schedules for each zone. This allowed for nuanced management of alerts based on working and non-working hours, contributing to a more adaptive security approach.


Licensing Policy Optimization

Hidden Brains devised a nuanced licensing policy, aligning with features, the number of panels, types of panels, DVRs, and types of CCTVs. This approach provided EL. Mo. Spa. with a flexible and cost-effective licensing model.

Efficient Event Flow Management

Addressing scenarios involving large event flows and potential data loss, Hidden Brains implemented strategies for efficient event queuing, tracking, and resolution. This ensured a streamlined response to security incidents.

Cyber security Fortification

A paramount concern in the security domain, Hidden Brains fortified EL. Mo. Spa.'s systems with advanced cybersecurity measures. Encryption, intrusion detection, and continuous monitoring were pivotal components of this strategy.

Technology Stack

  • Software Development Company, USA, India - Hidden BrainsWPF
  • Software Development Company, USA, India - Hidden BrainsC#.Net
  • Software Development Company, USA, India - Hidden BrainsWCF
  • Software Development Company, USA, India - Hidden BrainsMSSQL
  • Software Development Company, USA, India - Hidden BrainsInfragistic WPF Control

Results & Achievements


Global brands Empowering
Global Impact


Integrated network security panels
Panel Integration at Scale


Enhanced Incident Response


Cost saving on security
Cost Optimization


Adoption rate
Dynamic UI Adoption

Michael Amhaldas CIO clientMr. Michael Amhaldas

CIO, Sosche industries Ltd.

Client quotes image

We have been working together for many years now, and I think we have reached very important results. We are very satisfied with your response time and the quality of the current final product. (I mean the quality of the product at release to market time). One of the end client has 117 malls in Italy and they have implemented our product to keep the check on the security of all the malls and is very much satisfied with its working. They can monitor all the hardware of all the malls from a single system. Thanks to Hidden Brains for providing a single and robust product which can manage this many functionalities under one roof.

Lessons Learnt


Integrating diverse security panels and devices from multiple providers requires meticulous planning. The need for standardized communication protocols became apparent for seamless interoperability.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Scalability Planning

Anticipating future scalability requirements is essential. Our experience highlighted the importance of a flexible architecture that can seamlessly accommodate the growth of EL. Mo. Spa.'s operations.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Balancing Innovation
with Stability

While innovation is crucial, maintaining system stability is equally important. Striking the right balance between adopting new technologies and ensuring system reliability is an ongoing challenge.

Dynamic Regulatory

Operating in the security domain demands a keen awareness of evolving regulatory frameworks. Regular updates and compliance checks are essential to align with industry standards.

Real-time Environment Simulation

Creating a real-time environment for load testing proved challenging due to the sheer volume of panels. The development of simulator applications emerged as a practical solution for near-real-time testing.

Customization vs. Standardization

Achieving a balance between providing customizable solutions and standardization is critical. Customization should enhance user experience without compromising system integrity.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Effective Risk

In a security-centric application, risk mitigation is paramount. The successful implementation of WCF NetTCP binding and Gzip compression demonstrated the effectiveness of proactive risk management.

Lessons Learnt Interoperability

Evolution of

Embracing emerging technologies is a continuous process. A proactive approach to staying abreast of technological advancements is essential to provide state-of-the-art solutions.

Future Plans

Advanced AI

Advanced AI Integration

Extended IoT

Advanced AI Integration

Blockchain for
Security Data Integrity

Advanced AI Integration

Enhanced User Experience through AR/VR

Advanced AI Integration

Global Security Threat Intelligence Integration

Advanced AI Integration

Expansion of Integration Capabilities

Advanced AI Integration

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Advanced AI Integration

Green and Sustainable Solutions

Green and Sustainable Solutions