I need an app, but its cost is something that is pulling me back!

It is the thought process of most appreneur who are willing to kickstart their app with a Mobile App Development Company, but they keep delaying it due to cost.

With a considerable number of available apps in the market, it becomes inevitable for your business to have a digital presence to reach out to a more extensive user base. But this journey has multiple obstacles, requiring them to consider their decision. And one of the most challenging factors is COST.

The development process for mobile apps is complex. It involves a lot of engineering, planning, designing, and testing to a very high degree. A mobile app development process that is not managed correctly can be a nightmare for everyone involved. That is why great app developers pay such remarkable attention to every aspect of their product, from the early stages of development to its final release.

Ouch, that hurts!

Besides having proper planning behind app development, one of the trickiest parts to be handled is the cost factor.

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A surge in Mobile App Development

We are witnessing a technological and market revolution in the online and offline world. With the increased mobile Internet usage and access to the digital world through social media platforms, new e-business models have emerged, requiring new skills and competencies.

This technological and market revolution has also changed how we work and play, and learn, making the world a more connected place and providing opportunities for collaboration, learning, and innovation.

Mobile apps play a critical role in the customer experience. They help reduce the friction of purchase by making the buying experience easier and faster and by providing consumers with the tools to engage with a business and its brand in a new way.

The world has gone mobile, leaving no choice for businesses!

What Are The Cost Driving Factors For Mobile App Development?

Each stage of an app development cycle costs a different amount. The upfront design and development costs are relatively high, but the ongoing maintenance and support costs are typically much lower. After you have built your mobile app, the maintenance and support costs are relatively low, so these are the two main costs to keep in mind when budgeting for your app development.

App Development Team

The cost of developing a mobile app can vary from hundreds of dollars to several thousand, depending on the app, the features requested, and the app’s complexity. This is because an app with a higher level of complexity typically requires more time, team members, and/or engineers to develop and test.

If your goal is to Hire Mobile App Developers India to build a mobile app for a specific use case, there are many considerations to take into account. For instance, if you are building a shopping app, you may want to include a personalized checkout experience, which will require additional engineering.

The UI/UX designer creates the wireframes for the application and interfaces. The project manager manages a project and its progress. The solution architect establishes the blueprint for the application. QA engineers conduct testing, and developers build the application, ensuring it is free of bugs.

It is often helpful to have additional skills, such as the ability to translate, market, code, or package an app. These skills are often needed to help people add new features or refactor code, particularly in larger teams. And that calls for higher costs for development.

Features and Functionality

You must build the entire app from scratch, which is an overwhelming and challenging task.
The price depends on the complexity and details of the app features and whatever individual parameters you choose.

It might sound a little weird to you, but the app functionality defines the cost, too; if your app asks for complex features, it will take time and effort to develop.

An app with great functionality will have high competition, so you have to deal with that by making your app stand out from the competition.

For instance, for an app using complex features such as location-based services or 3D graphics, the cost associated with it will be high.

So gear up for a higher cost knocking at your door if you will integrate high-end features and functionalities in the app.

Customized UI/UX Design

An app design that aims to create a high-quality, modern app experience for users is much more expensive than the design of a low-quality app that merely serves to fill space.

However, the cost of custom mobile app development services is not just the money for development — it is also the cost of acquiring the users who will tap it and keeping the users happy once they have become a fan, which can be extremely costly.

While the cost of a high-quality app design is easy to understand initially, the price can add up quickly if the app is updated frequently over time.

Developing a high-quality app design isn’t cheap. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a high-quality app.

App design features like great typography, intelligent use of space, and balanced color palettes can help create an app that is easy to understand but also professional and sophisticated. The result is an application that feels professional and is thus likely to be more user-friendly. An engaging app can influence new and existing clientele. Again, designing an app is about creating a strong brand identity and is a critical step.


iOS and Android are two of the most popular platforms in the world, each with their own unique flavors and eccentricities, and each trying to carve out a place in the competitive mobile landscape. Both platforms offer unique features, advantages, and challenges, and both are great places to start in your mobile strategy, whether for apps, games, or other mobile business applications.

The choice of platform often comes down to your app’s specific needs and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Both iOS and Android offer different platforms for mobile application development, with their pros and cons. 

When choosing a mobile development platform, you have to weigh the pros and cons of the platform, including ease of use, platform support, and the experience of the developers. 

Backend Infrastructure

The backend infrastructure is commonly based on an operating system that allows developers to access APIs and provide data exchange between an application and a database. The backend infrastructure can be anything from a traditional Unix-based server to a complex distributed application built on a cloud infrastructure. A modern backend infrastructure requires a database with high-performance data transfer, which the Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) can provide.

Analytics is a service that collects and interprets data. This helps app developers gain insights into how their app is used, on which platforms, and by which demographic group.

Adding advanced technologies to the backend will increase the cost to some extent.

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In-app Purchase Support and Location-based Apps

An application that depends on mobile payment features, such as PayPal and Google Wallet, always demands much more time and money for implementation. Adding location awareness to an application, primarily, is about adding a button to take the user to a map and informing them of their current location in space.

On the other hand, apps based on location require the integration of emerging technologies, such as geofencing and iBeacon. It means it calls for more amount of money and time to be invested into it.

Third-party Integration

The mobile application development process is typically broken into two phases. During the first phase, often referred to as the ideation phase, you define the product vision, set a goal, and narrow the problem space to a more focused scope. After the problem has been narrowed to a problem that you can build a solution to, it’s time to write some code or use a framework to help get you there.

Building out a mobile app that relies on data from a 3rd party service costs more than developing a traditional mobile app. The additional cost comes from the need to pay for service APIs, build and secure data access logic, and establish data access and export processes.

App Maintenance Costs

App maintenance costs include:

  • Upgrading to the latest OS versions.
  • Updating to the latest versions of third-party services.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Code optimization.
  • Controlling app stability and performance of servers.

In addition, there are still many features that are either still missing or not yet finished (such as integration with Skype for Business, support for the different operating system versions, further customization of the windows, etc.).

To maintain high-performance levels, users are encouraged to upgrade to the most up-to-date operating system version as they are made available.

Development Company Location

The location where your app is developed significantly determines the cost of app development. If your app is going to be developed by a US developer, it will increase your app development cost, as their hourly rate would be $120 to $160 or more.

Whereas, if your developer’s location is in India, then it will be economical since India is the hub of the IT revolution. App Developers India can be accessed are a much more affordable cost.

What is the average Cost of Application Development?

It is a million-dollar question that remains in the back of the mind of every business owner. Honestly, there is no fixed answer to this question, or we must say any specific answer. As mentioned above, the enterprise mobile app development cost is driven by multiple factors, and there is not just one factor responsible for it, but a whole glut of it.

There is a vast number of app development companies in the market today, and each of them comes with its pros and cons. However, when it comes to selecting the company for the app solution, businesses usually proceed ahead with the minor cost factor.

And this is the wrong step even to consider.

You must be wondering why?

Let us explain it to you further.

An app development company that claims to give you mobile app development services at lesser costs, is doing nothing but sharing a sales pitch to get your business. The harsh fact suggests that not a single company can give you the cost bracket without assessing your project and its requirements, and trust us, it is a time-consuming process. It involves research, deep analysis, and even efforts that have to be calculated, all in estimated form. This cannot be a fixed cost.

A company claiming to give you the least cost for an app is just making you fall into a deep and murky trap. Because, as the development journey proceeds, multiple challenges would leave your developer scratching the head. There are chances that they may leave you in between and make you hire a professional at a higher cost.

Henceforth, it is highly recommended to build an app solution with experts only who can give you a ballpark figure for your project.

On the other hand, when you hire dedicated mobile app developers, the costs vary and can never be similar unless it is an identical app to the existing solution. An average app with basic features may cost you anything between $15,000 to $25,000, and for an advanced app with high-end technology, there is no bar for the cost, going beyond and above $10,0000.

Tips to consider before making the final call

  • Check Portfolio & Clientele
  • Assess their Expertise
  • Get an honest Client Testimonial from platforms such as clutch, appfutura, good firms, etc.

What’s the final take?

App development is not a one-time job, but it is a process that involves different steps and intrinsic details. Suppose you want to build a successful solution. In that case, you need to search for a development partner and a developer who can assist you at every stage of development, from initiation to post-deployment.

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