WordPress Development: Simple Hacks and Plugins

wordpress best practices for developers

WordPress is becoming one of the most reliable ways of launching sites. WordPress commands a 61.8% market share among the CMS. Powering more than 30.3% of the top 1000 websites, WordPress makes it very effortless to manage large sites with extremely high-performance requirements.


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iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

iOS App Development Trends

Mobile App Download and Usage Statistics

In the past five years, about 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide annually, reflecting stagnation in the smartphone market during the last few years. The smartphone market still has high growth potential though, as the smartphone penetration rate is…

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Magento Development for Omnichannel Presence

Magento Development Services for Enterprise

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. Blazingly fast speed can help succeed in today’s highly competitive world. eCommerce stores can succeed with a platform that will support long-term business strategy and growth plans.

A fast, high-performance and flexible platform can make launching…

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Latest News & Updates in Android App Development

latest trends in android app development 2020

The mobile app is fast becoming a getaway to success for businesses and dynamic entrepreneurs. It allows users to engage, collaborate, and learn from customers. There is a phenomenal opportunity for the mobile app development services, as companies from large enterprises…

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How Amazon, Apple, Google, and ZigBee are Coming Together to Develop an Open-Source Smart Home Standard

Open Source Smart Home Standard

When we look around in the world today, there is no widely adopted open standard for smart homes which is built upon IP. Still, IP is the protocol of the internet and is the most common network layer used in our homes and…

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written by Albert Smith for Open Source section(s).