Infographic: Use cases and Features of Android Enterprise

Powering a mobile, connected workforce, Android is one of the leading mobile operating systems. Since its inception in 2007, the platform is open source and code is available which allows smartphone manufacturers to install the software without having to pay a license.

It offers multiple security layers, device management and…

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How to Provide Accessibility in Angular Applications

Accessibility in Angular

Accessibility is all about designing software and websites with relatively large fonts, high contrast colors, big enough buttons to ensure different elements come with textual descriptions for screen readers, and everything is accessible with the keyboard.

Many angular developers put emphasis and…

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9 Mesmerizing WordPress Themes for When you Need a Great Website

best wordpress theme for business

Today, there are more than 10,000 WordPress themes available in the market. Anyone who is just starting out is sure to get hit by choice paralysis. Beginners may find it intimidating choosing the right theme that suits their business needs. Having the…

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Web Design & Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

latest trends in web design and development

The web world is changing at a rapid pace. What’s a trend today might be horribly outdated in a matter of few months. With the year 2019 coming to an end, we are looking to embrace the future in order…

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Understanding the Importance of Health Information Technology Solutions in Patient Care

 Healthcare IT Solutions

Health IT (health information technology) is continually innovating across different levels, such as the design, development, deployment, use, and maintenance of information systems explicitly targeting the healthcare industry. Automated and highly interoperable healthcare information systems will continue to dramatically improve medical care and…

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