Why You Should Have an Order Management System and its True Benefits

order management system for your eCommerce store

Looking at the current market scenario we can say that customer expectations and product demands have changed dramatically. Customers increasingly drive the buying journey today and so the merchants have to adjust quickly to ensure they are delivering a seamless customer…

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written by Albert Smith for eCommerce section(s).

The Vital Importance of QA in Software Development Life Cycle Models

Importance of QA in Software Development

Undoubtedly, QA in software development has become more popular and important in the software development industry over the course of many years. Software testing is not a narrow ecosystem. It is quite broad and encircles a variety of activities along the development…

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written by Albert Smith for Enterprise Solutions section(s).

Top UI/UX Mistakes to Avoid

Common UI/UX Mistake Websites are Making

UX is often dubbed as an effective way of connecting prospective users to a business — all the touchpoints from marketing, sales, development to distribution channels. In today’s highly competitive business scenario, “user experience” provides the way for relevant and meaningful interaction…

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written by Albert Smith for UI/UX Designing section(s).

Top Android Apps Changing the Face of Healthcare Industry

Android Mobile App Development for Industry

Exciting phones, expanding market share, enticing apps, and adding to that the ‘medical’ category on the market– it points toward the perennial presence of Android in the competition for the hearts, minds, and wallets of healthcare professionals and students.

For us, keeping our…

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written by Albert Smith for Android, Healthcare section(s).

Importance of Business Continuity during Covid-19

Business Continuity Challenges During Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the lives of people in unprecedented ways. With travel bans, lockdowns, and imposed quarantines, this human tragedy is having an impact on the global economy. It is certainly not business as normal. This coronavirus pandemic is genuinely…

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written by Albert Smith for Hire Dedicated Developers section(s).