Features of iOS 13 and ARKit 13

iOS ARKit 13 Features

Apple unveiled its operating system iOS 13 with a host of new features which will change the face of Augmented Reality application development. The new-mobile operating system—iOS 13—is focused on blazing speed and privacy. It comes with a suite of new features and...

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Artificial Intelligence & the Wave of Transformation in The Education Industry

Artificial Intelligence In Education Industry

Artificial Intelligence solutions are slowly making a profound impact on our lives. It is soon becoming a mainstream technology. Whether it is automatic parking systems, smart sensors, and personal assistance by virtual assistants, Artificial intelligence is causing digital disruption in different industries....

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Elements to Consider in the Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Many enterprises are still reluctant to take the full plunge into cloud. Whether it is reluctance to invest the required resources or regulatory constraints, many companies are failing to leverage the deployments benefits of cloud. It is worth noting that cloud offers a number of...

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How Logistics Companies can Benefit from Chatbots?

Logistics And Supply Chain Benefit From Chatbots

The size of the Chatbot market is expected to reach around “1.25 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, a remarkable increment from the market estimate in 2016, which remained at 190.8 million U.S. dollars.” Chatbot, also known...

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Internet of Things Best Practices and Industry Use Cases

Internet of Things Use Cases

IoT application is not just about connecting different devices, but it is about developing solutions to help businesses thrive and innovate. With the rapid proliferation of IoT solutions in the business world, it is critical to understand the importance and technology stack...

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