Top Bot Development Frameworks for Enterprises

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Chatbot is the new technology buzzword. This emerging trend has revolutionized several different aspects of enterprise operations. Whether it is customer service, promoting services to users, or helping business automation, several industries are experimenting with chatbot deployment and implementation.     

Organizations are...

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Role of Big Data in the Healthcare Industry

Big data is transforming the world. Well, it is literally true. The role of big data in the healthcare industry is the perfect example of this evolution. The healthcare industry is experiencing complete disruption. Changes in legislative regulations and healthcare delivery models are changing the industry’s...

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Essential Elements of Digital Transformation Strategy

It is very difficult running a business which is an amalgamation of different decisions over time regarding investment, service innovation and technology excellence. Digital transformation is not just about technological implementation, but an organizational change at the intersection of technology, business and people, such reflection must...

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Infographic: How Augmented Reality is Helping the Retail Industry

Coined in 1990, Augmented reality (AR) is gaining prominence in both consumer world and enterprise ecosystem. After the stupendous success of Pokémon Go several brands from different industries are experimenting with emerging technologies. You can see remarkable transformation with Augmented reality application in the retail industry.


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Implementation of Virtual Reality App Development in Different Industries

For many years Virtual reality has been overlooked and underdeveloped. There are several reasons due to which Virtual reality failed to gain market traction since 1990s. Less computational power was one of the primary reasons for the failure.

However, times have changed.

Technology evolution is helping manufacturers and...

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