Retail IT Solutions with Augmented Reality

Has Augmented Reality technology confined itself to games of Pokémon Go or social media apps like Snapchat? If you are of the same belief, you are highly mistaken. Augmented reality has the power to transform Retail IT solutions and the technology has many practical uses in the retail industry. In fact, AR is the survival technology of physical retail outlets, as well as monotonous ecommerce stores.

Digitization has entered all the arenas of life. With this, consumers expect to upgrade their shopping experience with extra convenience and exciting new ways to get information on different products. Let’s understand how Augmented Reality is changing physical retail outlets as well as online retail stores.

Enhanced In-store Experience with Augmented Reality

Have you observed the changed scenario at public shopping places? The space that was initially filled with people busy exploring different options in clothing, accessories, furniture and decor items is now comparatively less crowded. Have people changed their preferences to shop for these items?

It is noticed that people are more inclined towards online shopping and prefer it more other visiting physical outlet. A number of factors are responsible for doomed situation of physical retail, some of which are as mentioned below:

  • Lack of interactivity
  • Less engagement with shoppers
  • Long waiting queues at billing counters

Augmented reality technology when used in retail industry addresses most of these issues. For example, let’s consider improving a simple clothing store through the use of AR app:

  • Shopper with AR app enters the store and explores different option.
  • While the salesperson is busy with another customer, the shopper scans the selected product through AR app to get the detailed description of the product.
  • If the shopper has selected a particular pair of jeans and added to the cart, AR app empowered with AI capabilities suggests the matching t-shirt corresponding to the selected jeans.
  • If the shopper wants to explore the suggested matching top, the AR app guides user to the exact location inside the store where that t-shirt could be found.
  • The AR app also allows user to make payment through the app from secured payment gateway or mobile wallet. This saves time of waiting in long queue and walk out of the store with the purchased products.

Physical stores feel much more alive and interactive when accompanied with Augmented Reality technology.

Augmented Reality for Ecommerce

Apart from implementing Augmented Reality in retail outlets, this technology is showing wonders in ecommerce stores too. People have often faced the difficulty of estimating the size of product, its look and feel in real world while purchasing any product online. This dilemma is overcome with the advent of Augmented Reality technology in ecommerce.

No more you would be confronted with the situation where you order a décor item for home or office, but it does not fit or suit the space. Thanks to Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, retailers can now offer enhanced online shopping experience. Developers build AR apps for the image of product in real world space to gauge its size, look and feel in the practical world.

Such augmented images that are superimposed in the real world condition help in eliminating the errors arising out of guesswork. Apart from purchasing furniture, Augmented Reality technology also finds its usage in shopping of clothes, accessories as well as eyeglasses.

‘Virtual try on’ is becoming one of the most popular features of ecommerce websites because of the transparency it brings to online shopping experience. The main aim of Augmented Reality technology is to make shopping experience more personalized, fun and satisfying than the traditional methods.

On a Concluding Note…

The emerging technology of AR is disrupting the retail industry by greatly improve the in-store experience too by bringing accuracy. Enhancement to the consumer shopping experience results in significantly decreasing returns and exchanges
The dooming brick and mortar store, which is the cornerstone of retail, is now once again brought to life with the help of AR technology. Even ecommerce stores can experience a surge in the demand of products by incorporating this emerging technology to their website.

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