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Chatbot is the new technology buzzword. This emerging trend has revolutionized several different aspects of enterprise operations. Whether it is customer service, promoting services to users, or helping business automation, several industries are experimenting with chatbot deployment and implementation.     

Organizations are using chatbots powered by artificial intelligence to make faster and informed decisions. This technology is fasting moving mainstream, with several big companies moving into development.  The use of artificial intelligence and the ability to interact in natural language can make chatbots look futuristic. Users can interact with such bots, using voice-based or text-based conversation, to access information, as well as complete tasks. A reliable Bot Framework Development Company can help you to gain benefits of the architecture and advanced machine-learning technology stack.

How to Select Chatbot Framework?

Get Support for Various Tasks

It is imperative to select a chatbot development platform that offers several in-built features which effortlessly address use cases related to different business functions such as customer support, service queries, and lead generation among others. Ideally, a chatbot development framework should provide the ability to customize chatbots to meet your business requirements, as well as manage workflows relating to customer services and solving queries relating to business offerings/services.  

Compatibility with Different Platforms

Chatbot should provide support to different platforms such as website and mobile apps as well as deployed on medium of choice. The user interface should be customized for each channel whether it is SMS, e-mail or social media.  Bots should have the ability to interact with corporate tools like Slack, Telegram, Skype and more.

Natural Language Processing and Speech Support

Training the chatbot is yet important consideration when it comes to the scalability of the bot.  A chatbot platform allows NLP and speech support allows to understand user intent and send reply with relevant content post-assessment.

Intelligent Chatbots through the Platform

Your chatbot framework should empower intelligent chatbots consistently to understand, recollect and continuously learn from data collected from each and every customer interaction. Machine Learning can help enhance its natural language processing capabilities.

Bot Development Frameworks for your Enterprise

Chatbot development used to be a complex and tedious task.  The tech community has witnessed complete evolution in AI, including natural language processing and machine learning. Big technology giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Google have tirelessly been creating platforms and tools to help developers and entrepreneurs ease the process of integrating such technology into their own products and businesses.

Platforms such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft’s Bot Framework have given technical entrepreneurs the option to build chatbots that can be integrated with existing platforms and apps. Few frameworks are limited to platforms like Slack and Facebook, while others integrate with different platforms. As a result, this minimizes lot of efforts and resources if you’re planning for a cross-platform launch.


Chatfuel was incepted in 2015 with the primary aim of making bot building an effortless process for anyone. Since the beginning, it started with Telegram and grew at a phenomenal pace to millions of users. Today, Chatfuel  aspires to make it easy to build chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Its client list includes NFL and NBA teams, as well as high authority blogging sites and publications such as TechCrunch and Forbes.

Chatfuel leverages the power of chatbots to strengthen connection with target audience—whether that’s your customers, readers, fans, or others and committed to making the process as simple as possible.


Formerly known as & Speakoit, Dialogflow is powered by Google’s machine learning products and expertise. Backed by Google and running on Google Cloud Platform, Dialogflow provides the much needed flexibility to scale to millions of users. Whether your users are on the go or at home, Dialogflow builds natural conversational experiences on different devices such as wearables, phones, cars, speakers and other smart devices. Optimized for Google Assistant devices, Dialogflow allows connecting with users on other popular devices and platforms such as Alexa, Cortana, Facebook Messenger and other platforms your users are on.

Wit.Ai (Facebook Bot) makes it easy to create text or voice based bots which allow humans to chat on their messaging platform. Open and extensible natural language platform, explores and learns human language from each and every interaction. helps not just meet unanticipated needs, but also understand needs of humans.

Microsoft Chatbot Framework

Microsoft bot framework allows to connect, build and deploy intelligent bots to interact with users in an effortless manner, naturally. Whether it is website, Skype, Slack, Facebook messenger or more, it provides bot building environment.

Offering scalability and accelerated development, Azure Bot Service provides purpose-built Micro Microsoft Bot Framework connectors and BotBuilder SDKs. As part of the Azure Bot Service, enterprises can extend bot’s functionality with enhanced features such as incorporating natural language processing, answering questions, managing multiple models and adding cards and buttons                

IBM Watson

IBM Watson quickly allows deploying and optimizing chatbots for your business. It offers easy integration with different social media messaging channels such as Slack, Facebook and Twilio. Easy and intuitive interface allows building bot quickly. Watson provides industry-leading AI that accentuates the Natural language models that help large enterprise understand their users as well as provide training recommendations to run your assistant.  


Before building a chatbot for your business, it is important to understand your business objectives, clearly define purpose and the exact value bot could bring to the user.  Each framework comes with its features, drawbacks and functionality. If you are not clear, it is important to select a chatbot development company with domain knowledge, expertise in innovative technologies, and understanding of artificial intelligence. 

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