Step into the Digital World: Experience the Magic


Look around and make a list of items you see around you. If you are at office, your list may comprise of laptop, desktop, Wi-Fi routers, modems, tablet to record your attention in and out timings and so on. However at home, the list has slight...

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Technology Trends of 2018: Anticipating the Future

Emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, robotics, and bitcoins—are leading new and competitive risks and opportunities. With breakthroughs for promising technology and rising popularity of blockchain, businesses often fail to keep up with rapid pace of technological evolution. As we cross the threshold into the New Year, let’s...

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written by Albert Smith for Tech section(s).

How does Amazon Go Work?

amazon go indiaCourtesy: Amazon

Amazon recently unveiled Amazon Go, the most advanced shopping technology, providing a seamless checkout-free shopping experience. The ecommerce giant has virtually revolutionized all aspects of online shopping and now is taking a step in transforming bricks-and-mortar retail stores. With Amazon...

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Google Has Good News for Businesses: App Maker to Build your Own Custom Enterprise App


Google came up with an important announcement: a new entry in the world of app building market. This newbie is named as ‘App Maker’ and has managed to garner attention of most businesses since its successful launch in the market.

What is App Maker?

App Maker is a...

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Google is Set to Roll Out ‘Mobile First Indexing’ Rule: Are you Prepared for it?


Did the flying news of Google adopting ‘mobile first indexing’ come to you as a surprise? Today’s age is powered by mobile phones, which makes it clear that people prefer using internet on this pocket sized device over desktops or laptops.

This usage trend of people over...

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written by Albert Smith for Tech section(s).

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