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The launch of new iPhone 5s has created huge enthusiasm among players regarding its best features related to gaming. Packed with impressive technology, out-of-the-box capabilities, touch intuitive and high resolution, this sleek gold casing will surely attract loads of audience.

With the help of new processor, some games will be able to run without taking away much of the battery life. Since, most of the mobile games have better replay value, we are looking at 2K Drive and waiting for Infinity Blade III (specially designed for 5s) to launch with new version, which will provide an extraordinary gaming experience.

Here, our team of developers have listed the most prominent games, which are best to play on iPhone 5s. So, why not get the new Apple smartphone and download these games for a fun-filled time.

Infinity Blade III

This much awaited game will be soon launched with iPhone 5s. Infinity Blade III will be the continuation of the previous story. In Redemption – the third part, players will go further into the mysterious world of Infinity Blade, learning more about the origins of Deathless. With the much awaited iPhone 5s loaded with special gaming features, you will definitely have a great gaming experience.

“As an avid gamer for most of my life, I’ve been thrilled at the chance to be involved in the Infinity Blade project,” said author Brandon Sanderson.

So, be ready to experience the action of Infinity Blade III.

Plants Vs Zombies Part II

A game of the year at, Plants Vs Zombies Part 2 is an incredible game to download for your new iPhone 5s. With an entertaining twist on tower defense and a horticulture arsenal acting as strong barrier against oncoming undead horde, the sequel unveils a great playing experience. Be quick to act using 49 zombie zapping plants, wall-nuts, cherry-bombs and more to defend your home from deadly zombies.

Spiced up with variety of challenges, completing the first world, you need to pay to unlock second one or have to go back replay the sections to earn extra stars to enter the second world.

2K Drive

Launched recently in the month of September, 2013 with a variety of racing modes for both single and multiplayer, 2K Drive brings the fast-paced world of racing culture right at your fingertips. Featuring a number of real world vehicles, 100 plus unique events with 25 plus tracks, the RaceFace feature in the game allows you to put your own face on the character in the game.

If you’re an ardent fan of racing games, 2K Drive promises a dynamic gaming experience full of different interest levels.


Winner of more than 90 awards, Limbo is a masterpiece to download on your iPhone 5s.

Dark, disturbing yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a hidden world, full of nightmarish woods, that deserves to be explored. Just as engrossing and exhilarating, the game is presented through dark, grey-scale graphics and with minimalist ambient sounds. In Limbo, you need to help a boy to discover his missing sister by exploring the depths of hell. Drudging forward in the haunting environment, you encounter numerous physical hazards such as deadly bear trap on the forest floor and lethal monsters hiding in the shadows.

The game advances to a crumbling city environment and different other setting as each level is cleared. On completion of the final stage, the boy is thrown back to forest where he again encounters a girl and the game ends.

Worms: Clan Wars

If you are new to worms, get the clear picture here. Worms is a series of strategy computer game allowing multiple players. With larger landscapes, more weapons, more dynamic water and more customization items than before. A Worms Clan war is fully designed to take advantage of the features of iPhone 5 and soon will be updated for 5s.

In Worm, you need to form a fearsome team; act as leader to make your clan win along with the aid of worms to win the game. As game advances, you face more gruesome wars and need to apply quick actions to defeat your enemy.

The list is not just limited to these five games, but as the new iPhone 5s will be launched, developers will surely come up with a bundle of new series for the existing top games or new advanced interesting games that leverages almost all the features of the new Apple iPhone.

To know more about upcoming games for your latest iPhone, stay tuned!


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