Web Design Trends That Will Change the Way You Think

Does your business website radiate the aura that helps you and your customers relax and feel better? Does your website sells products or services that directly or indirectly responsible for mental well-being and mental health? If your answer is a straight “Yes,” then you should strive to improve its design where you can provide an engaging user experience and peace of mind as well.

The Web Design and Development Trends 2019 are ever-changing and they aim to enhance functionality. In this case, today, we will also focus on the overall well-being for your website’s viewer that portrays captivating interfaces and unique illustrations.

Across the ether of human history, there have been master painters and artists who earned global recognition for their ability to manipulate colours on the canvas. Shifting to the modern era, the art form opens up a variety of new commercial and business applications, starting from advertising to web design.

This is an almost bottomless pit where the skill of color usage can be improved and refined endlessly.

The internet is evolving tirelessly with new updates, technologies, methods, designs etc daily. And in that case, any new approach may completely alter the existing trend.

Web Design Trends That Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

  • Conversational bots providing peace of mind and reassurance
    New-age web designers develop their websites where the bots are running the basic activities of the website. They are responsible for providing instant responses to customers. They reassure and reaffirm the trust in shoppers. The process of chatting with bots and receiving a direction regarding a concern while saving customers’ time and improving efficiency has become normal today.AI-powered Chatbots for Automated Customer Service
    Google provides peace of mind and eases you from the burden of thinking hard on what you want. It provides auto-suggestions. Same is the case with Facebook, it prompts you to give consent before someone tags you in a photo. Giving you control and peace of mind both together.

    Similarly, in your website, you need to adapt such new changes for better results delivery and effective management. Every user will respond well to an exceptionally functioning website.

  • Soothing web apps
    Progressive web apps or PWAs are coming out as one of the best methods in e-commerce. They are the bridge between mobile apps and websites. They provide a similar experience like app on the websites and sit in users’ device just like apps. The noteworthy differences are that the web apps run on a browser, and you may not install them on your device.Progressive Web App Development ServicesThe smart features that these web apps contain becomes an added advantage when it comes to customer engagement. Users are benefited with improved safety, reliability, and a better conversion rate; and this will enhance more in the future pertaining to robust Progressive Web App development of the future. As a website owner, one needs to make sure that your web app should be user-friendly, dependable, and fast.
  • Palliative animated GIFs
    Users’ attention today on the internet is limited. It requires minimal time before you grab his attention to your site. This is where GIFs come in profitably since they pass a piece of complex information within a short span of time.Kotlin For Android App Development
    GIFs pumps up the entertainment value and acts as an engaging tools to convey a message. Also, they have the ability to operate on most platforms like mobile devices and browsers, this increases your access to your target audience.

    For example, those involved in manufacturing are using GIFs to indicate the type of features their products carry or to show the working mechanisms of their products.Such GIFs are engaging and make users want to learn more about the product on display.

  • Organic and natural shapes
    Having natural and organic shapes rather than geometric ones, even though portray an unusual appearance, they increase the personal touch and grasp attention. Many users combine them with an illustration or image. Such shapes break the monotony of the same square and circles which are found overly spread across all websites.

    The coming of age web designers have and are adopting the use of organic shapes that gives the website pages a more approachable feel, a more organic and homely feel. This is one of the most effective website design trends which appeal to visitors. When you merge them with other imagery, your customers will stay hooked to your site as they navigate through beautiful pages.

  • Peace of mind through the absence of color
    Some website developers and designers are entirely avoiding the use of multi-colors when designing a website. They stick to one color theme only. They create it in a way that it looks more memorable.

    A noteworthy benefit of sticking to a single color is that is assists in solidifying your brand. Moreover, it is useful when adding constraints when it comes to flexibility of the design.

    Many websites today operating in plethora of colors. However, sometimes, by using one single color, it distinguishes your site from the rest and gives a memorable experience to the viewer. If you want an improved design experience and yearn to achieve more on the appearance meter, you may want to reduce your website to one color or no color at all; white space is the king.

  • Videos and photos
    They fall in the same categories as GIFs. Pictures and videos pass the messages quickly to the audience. They are attractive and comfortable for the audience compared to reading blog content. Images and videos can be used to grab the attention more effectively since lengthy content can be boring.

    Putting up a video to pass valuable content to your clients will help them receive the message more instantly. As they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.


To conclude, the above mentioned design trends influence your wellbeing and make you feel better, both as a customer as well as an entrepreneur. These design trends place your site on the web with a competitive advantage. Staying updated is inevitable today.

Try and implement new trends that you learn about from time to time in order to stay relevant in the competition.

Do you think you have what it takes to stand out?