Websites are used in various contexts in the present contemporary world. As the usage of websites have been increase increased for the last few years in the online business world and for social interactions. Simultaneously, web development tools have also increased to fulfill the increasing demands and to make the web development simpler. For the simplification of the web development developers all over the world have invented new techniques such LAMP technologies.

Originally LAMP is the bunch of technologies used by the developers for the website development and other web development work. LAMP stands for Linux (operating system) it helps the user to work well by providing all possible facilities in regard of operating system such as multi-user environment and security without any limitations, Apache (Web server) it works to handle requests & provide responses after interpreting the requests what they mean, MySQL (database management system or database server) and PHP Programming language as it works for running the server side application by programming.

Using the concept of bunched technologies was popularized in early 1990s according to web intellectuals and popularity of LAMP is not because all these technologies work well for each other or they are appropriate match for each other. The reason for the popularity is low acquisition cost and all the components of this technology bunch exists everywhere or can be accessed easily everywhere. Moreover, all the technologies in the LAMP are open source technologies.

Components of the LAMP are popular all over the world in the field of web development, as all these technologies are freely available on the internet so it helps in developing cost effective database driven websites. In the increasing competition website development work has become costly and using LAMP architecture results in low cost web development.

eCommerce website development have taken rise in the last few years and developers from countries like India has adopted the LAMP architecture for developing cost effective eCommerce websites for rising demands of the clients from offshore countries.

Not only the development of web applications, developers have used to develop desktop applications also by using Microsoft .NET and LAMP technologies together.

Regular developments in the information & technology are helping web development industry regularly and LAMP gradually helped the online business industry.