iOS7 Features

Recently, Apple unveiled its latest mobile platform, the iOS 7 with a major overhaul. It received mixed reactions from the experts, some found it amazing while some believed that something is still missing. So here, we have listed out some features that are missing in the iOS 7.

Limited sharing with third-party apps

The closed system of Apple has always prevented cross-app communication and interoperability in its devices. This limitation has been continued in iOS 7. For example, Apple has some default apps like Facebook, Twitter and Email. So, if a person who uses Safari wants to add a page to a ‘Read-it-later’ app like Pocket, he will have to follow a long process. Any direct way is not there, to do that. Even if a person wants to share a pin in Google Maps with a user on WhatsApp, it still requires numerous taps.

Inability to set personal defaults

The Apple iOS 7 also prevents the users to define their default apps. It is true, that Apple has revamped a number of its own apps, still the iOS 7 does not give preference to third party apps. Some users may be satisfied with Apple’s stock apps, while some others may prefer using the third party apps more often. For such users, accessing the other apps becomes a time consuming task, since they have to sidestep Apple’s first party apps.

No swipe in keyboard

A swype style keyboard makes it much easier to type as compared to a regular touchscreen keyboard. Its pattern recognition and predictive capabilities provide a superior ability to type with one-handed without dropping the phone. But this feature is not available for the iOS users. To get something similar on an iPhone the user will have to jailbreak it.

Insufficient improvements in Siri

Siri has been updated with a new voice and now a male alternative as well. But that is not enough, Apple needs to revamp the app to take on the functionality of Google Now. Also, it would be better if the app supported more languages, other than just German and French.
If Apple works on these points, it could definitely take on the Android platform.

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