iOS Gmail App Update

Last Wednesday, Google unveiled the latest update for its Gmail app for Apple's iPhone and iPad. The new update unwraps the new interface actions to bring the functionality of the app much closure to the functionality of its counterpart – Android.

In its official Gmail Blog, the search engine giant has posted the details of the app’s new control options. The latest Gmail app update has brought totally a new look and feel, along with a pile of improvements such as profile pictures in the messages, numerous new animations and infinite scrolling in the message lists.

App users can easily navigate between conversations by swiping left to right on the message body. Messages are marked – “read as” – as soon as they are viewed. With this new version of Gmail app, you can take action on multiple messages at the same time. Further, you can edit any message by selecting it from the inbox and then can delete or archive it.

The new version also comes with a whole new range of time saving features. In fact, it helps users to complete a huge amount of task in less time. You can save a lot of time with the auto-complete predictions along with shaving off the typos. Moreover, you can Plus one and comment on your Google Plus post directly from this Gmail app.

Among the multiple new features, one more added feature is a multiple account support system. You can login at the most five Google accounts and can easily switch between them with a few taps. Thus, the user can have an unusual flexibility with his/her gmail account.

If you are having this app, then update it to the latest version or can download it right now from the app store.

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