Coined in 1990, Augmented reality (AR) is gaining prominence in both consumer world and enterprise ecosystem. After the stupendous success of Pokémon Go several brands from different industries are experimenting with emerging technologies. You can see remarkable transformation with Augmented reality application in the retail industry.

Augmented reality is often clubbed with Virtual Reality. However, both are distinctly different.

VR requires specialized headsets and places users in virtual worlds, on the other hand AR involves overlaying information on real-world views and can be accessed via mobile devices.

Right from heads-up displays which were developed for military user to the immersive experiences empowered by smart glasses, augmented reality applications are popping up all over—taking retail IT solutions to the next level.

Here are examples of Augmented Reality Applications in retail

  • 3D products
  • Virtual Fitting Rooms
  • Improved In-Store Experience
  • Catalog App

Retailers are now implementing Augmented reality apps allowing users to reach customers in entirely different ways. Whether it is virtual trial rooms or catalog images, augmented reality solutions are helping retailers to drive significant value. It is clear that buyers are ready for an entirely new approach.

Important Augmented Reality Infographic

In order to explore the true potential of this emerging technology, it is important to partner with an Augmented Reality App Development Company.

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