Hidden Brains Wishing Happy New Year 2016
The Holiday season is here and Team Hidden Brains celebrates the customary HB X-mas Carnival week as we get ready to welcome the New Year - 2016. Besides the fun and frolic as always, it’s bringing together of the many moments round the year to cherish - our achievements and new relationships; while looking forward to a new hopes, innovations and success.
Day 1: Secret Santa Day – The Joy of Giving!

Hola! It was Santa’s Day Out here at Hidden Brains on December 28, 2015. True to our tradition, HBians celebrated the Christmas of 2015   amidst all the festivity that painted the office premises in the colors of red and white, Santa Claus brought in cheers and gifts as HBians ushers in their tradition of celebrating the fun of giving.  Games and gifts galore the Secret Santa Day was a day to remember. It was indeed Merry Christmas!



Day 2: Hackathon Day - Bringing Out the Best of Innovative Minds!

But Geeks-will-be-geeks, and HBians filling their heart with love, peace and joy on Christmas went on to usher their love for technology too. “Hackathon Day” on December 29, 2015 brought in the best of the innovative minds forward as teams across the organization clashed on a friendly note.



Presenting the best of Ideas and Concepts from anything like web or mobile app development/ programming language/innovation for overall development etc. The whole purpose was putting the team effort on conceptualization and its implementation, while ensuring that the focus of the Hackathon remains ‘Benefit for the End user’. Winners were announced and brilliant ideas wait to be incubated at Hidden Brains Labs for Innovation. Congratulations to our rockstar innovators-in-the-house!
Day 3: Food Fiesta - Chefs in The House!

Innovation is fun, so is food! Day 3, December 30, 2015 was filled with all the punk as HBians got ready to show their funky sides. Everyone were at their trendiest best on this day – revealing the inner Fashionistas & Dudes.



But what kept the party rocking is the Food Fiesta that brought in the food lovers under the sky, as the party started at sundown on the open terrace of our corporate HQ. With a lavish spread of delicacies presented in Theme stalls by fellow HBians and funky music to keep everyone grooving, the flavors of team work was much vibrant as were the food.
Day 4: Karnival Character Day - Geeks turn Rockstars

Fun and food made the perfect mood to the finale of 2015, as Team Hidden Brains like every year, brought in the ritualistic Theme Day of HB X-mas Carnival’15. Fun-loving HBians flaunted their celebrity quotient as they dressed up as their favorite Film/TV character and presented theme–based skits that impressed, brought smiles and even made the jury and audience split into laughter.



All in all, HB X-mas Carnival’15 will be cherished for long as moments that brought in the best of our team as a whole - discovered a bunch of talented innovators, actors and chefs in the house!

Happy New Year 2016!

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