Flutter Beta 3 is Out for Developers: iOS and Android Mobile App SDK

Courtesy: Flutter.io

Google I/O 2018 marked the launch of Flutter Beta 3 version, mobile app software development kit (SDK) for building beautiful and native mobile UI for iOS and Android. Along with the launch of 3rd beta version of Flutter, this…

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written by Albert Smith for Google, Technology section(s).


Important Announcements & Updates from Google I/O 2018 that Developers Must Know About

Courtesy: Google

The much awaited Google Annual Developers Conference is here. This Google I/O event is much more than mere Android P operating system announcements. It speaks about significant changes in Google Maps, Google Assistant and Gmail. Let’s know what Google keynote speakers talked about…

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written by Albert Smith for Awards & Events, Google section(s).


Google Tez App: Mobile Payment or Digital Wallet


Technology and Internet Giant ‘Google’ has stepped in mobile payments arena with the introduction of ‘Tez app’. This is a mobile payment app for India that enables users to make simple, fast, cashless and hassle-free transactions without the need to remember long bank account numbers.


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written by Albert Smith for Google section(s).