Mobile app development with iOS 8

Apple has been continuously putting efforts over upgrading their desktop and mobile devices. In the past years, they concentrated on launching new gadgets, and that has created a great stir in the technology world. This year, Apple did not make rounds about their latest hardware. It just waved the news regarding two things – new version of MacOS and iOS8.

iOS 8 - Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else.

At worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple introduced its latest mobile operating system ‘iOS8’ for iPhone and iPad. A biggest release ever happened to the developer community and app world.

Tim Cook – CEO of Apple depicted the new operating system will help developers to build a sort of uniqueness in their functionalities.

“With Siri integration, you can say something like ‘get ready for bed,’ and be assured that your garage door is closed, your garage door is locked, your thermostat is lowered and your lights are dimmed,” Federighi said.

These are some highlights over the new features of iOS8:

Home automation: Applications that were used for dimming lights or opening front doors will now be accessible within one new Apple hub on the iPhone and iPad. Along with it, now you can also use Siri digital personal assistant to voice your commands.

HealthKit: Initially named Health Book by tidbits and leaks, it was predicted the tracker would function with third-party apps. It incorporates with heading associations to connect with hospitals and doctors.

Improvements in iMessage: Now, you can name threads, add and remove group message users, and leave audio threads.

Attachments: In OS X Yosemite, the operating system upgrade for computers, Apple is offering a much bigger attachment limit for e-mails — up to 5 gigabytes.

Caller ID: When your iPhone rings, you will see caller ID on Macs and iPads, as well, and can answer the phone in both places. You will be able to make phone calls from there, too.

Keyboard: Android keyboards are known for being able to “Swype” by moving your fingers around to compose. It is coming to iOS8, too.

iCloud: Friends can share more than just photos in iCloud, accessible among multiple devices. New pricing was announced: 5 GBs free or 20 GB for 99 cents monthly.

App Store upgrade Apple is adding search tools to make finding apps easier in the App store. Additionally, you will be able to buy multiple apps at one time.

Apps within an app: You will be able to open a photo and access a widget, such as VSCO Cam photo editor, for instance, to edit the app within the app.

Getting inspired from the features of iOS 8, Hidden Brains is planning to upgrade their iOS development department with the latest iOS 8. Also, looking forward to training the developers and provide information regarding all the functionalities to build unique apps in accordance to the customer’s business requirements. We are very excited to launch our first iOS8 app, which would contain recent features and give best experience to users.

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