Apps for iPad Mini

Looking for the coolest apps for your iPad mini? The sleek, small and light version of the iPad is considered as one of the best gadgets to hang out with. Almost every iPad application is compatible with the iPad Mini. But, here we will brief out some apps that are the best suited for the iPad mini.


The iPad mini is such a light weight device that anyone who loves reading will love to use it as an e-book reader. And, when it comes to e-book reading apps Kindle is the best. It offers access to wide range of e-books available at the Amazon store for a great reading experience.

It enables the users to easily read numerous magazines, newspapers, PDF documents and textbooks. Users can also sync all the books across platforms that support Kindle tab device and iPad so that he can access all of them directly from his device.


The Facebook app is one of the best social networking apps available. It supports nearly every major feature of facebook, like comments, likes, photo sharing, live chat and games. There is also a push notification feature which allows the user to get instant updates about all the activities in his facebook account.


This app is apt for those who love to talk. It allows the user to text and call (voice and video) to anyone across the world. You can make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts for free of cost. The only condition is that the person whom you want to text or call must have a Skype account.


It was awarded as Apple’s iPad app of the Year for the year 2012. It is a simple drawing app that gives the device a real feel and basic awesomeness of a drawing tablet. It gives the user five standard tools to sketch, write, draw, outline and color.

You just need to tap on the screen and you will be displayed with a clean ‘dashboard’ with an eraser, a drawing pen and some basic colors. The interface is smooth and you need to flip through pages with a finger to see the content of a page.


This app enables the user to watch all his favorite shows and movies with live streaming. The user will have to pay Netflix subscription fee that provides the access to different television networks on the mini tab.

With the new episode selector it is very easy to select the episodes. The redesigned audio and subtitle selector add to the beauty of the app.

The apple iPad Mini already has some built in applications pre-installed in it. However the iPad Mini experience of any person is incomplete without these amazing apps.

All these apps can be downloaded from the app store for free of cost. You can also get your own customized apps by hiring iPad developers who are expert at apple iPad mini apps programming.

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