Evolution of Bot Technology

Organizations are using chatbots powered by artificial intelligence to make faster and more informed decisions. This technology is fasting moving mainstream and it is important to collaborate with a Bot Framework Development Company to gain early mover advantage.

The use of artificial intelligence and the ability to interact in natural language can make chatbots look futuristic. Users can interact with such bots, using voice-based or text-based conversation, to access information, as well as complete tasks. While the focus is mainly on consumer chatbots, it is easy to overlook the impact of chatbot for internal enterprise and business-to-business applications. These applications are bringing greater productivity and efficiency to a wide range of enterprise activities.

Several industries stand to benefit from chatbots such as retail, travel and more. In view of unprecedented competition from rivals and disruptive emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality which are shaping retail IT solutions. Across several industries, Chatbots are allowing companies to grow their business to meet the needs of discerning and savvy customer base.

This infographic discusses evolution of chatbot and its growing importance in the enterprise world.

Evolution of Bot Technology


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