App Store Optimization is all about increasing your installs by highlighting the best features of your app. Remember, the high ranking of your apps increases the chances of your app’s download. There are several elements involved in app store optimization right from app title, app description, app keywords, app icon to app screenshots. App developers focus solely on keywords and description, often overlooking the importance of app screenshots.  

Your user will search for a keyword in the app store and see the search results based on rankings. Based on rankings, the user will look at the screenshot and ratings. In most cases, user might simply decide whether to install the app or not based on its screenshot and icon. Does your app connect with the users? Does it look like a quality app? Does your app solve users’ problem?

If your app screenshots can visually answer these questions, you’re a winner. However, if you are struggling, this article is for you. In this post, we’ll provide pointers that will help you design app screenshots to convert user views into app installation.

First Impressions Matter

Remember, you have a fraction of second to persuade a person to download your app. If you are not able to create an impression, users will most probably never look back. Therefore, your screenshot should convey primary benefits of your app in the first go. Before you decide what type of screenshots to select, ask questions such as

  • What sets your app from competitors in your space?
  • How will your app solve user’s problem?
  • What is the primary outcome that someone will achieve by using your app?

This will let you figure out the best way to reach out to your audience in a visually appealing manner.

Include Screens of your App

Avoid using images that look abstract to the user. Make it look real by including real screenshots of your app. However, don’t mindlessly select random screens without applying any strategic thoughts. Select the best and the core features of your app. Also, provide text describing the key features in the screenshot.

Place the text right above your screenshot so that visitors can scan the text first and relate the content with the screenshot. Ensure that the text is large and easy to read, but also succinct and effective.

Maximize the Space

Apple’s App Store allows you to upload five screenshots for every app. Ensure that you utilize each and every slot for the screenshot. Don’t think screenshots to be a dumping ground for images, rather a way to reach out to users and influence your target audience to download you app. Take full advantage of the opportunity to drive app installs.

Flaunt your App’s New Features

Don’t shy away from your using app’s latest feature as a screenshot to showcase your app’s new feature. This approach not only informs users about features, but also assures users that your app is regularly updated.

What Does Not Work

It is equally important to know what does not work in the app world. Avoid confusing users. Remember today’s savvy users do not have the time to decipher complex abstract images to understand your message.  Your app screenshot should convey app functionality in a crystal clear manner, just at a glance. Avoid using large wallpaper type images as well as start screen images of your app as a screenshot.


Always Follow App Store Screenshot Guidelines
Never play against the rules. Follow App Store Guidelines to ensure that you upload high-quality images. This will ensure that your screenshot looks stunning on those retina display screen. Refer the guidelines for future releases and updates.

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