Before knowing about the design it is very necessary to have an idea on how it would create an impact on the user. 1 trillion web pages are competing to attract their targeted audience through their designs. What are the principles to keep in mind while designing a web page that can bring more number of visitors.

1. Look and Feel of the Design
Generally, it is hard to remember the information on the web page in few seconds. However a design creates the feel over the user’s mind and remember it for a long time. Most of the designs are intended to win the hearts and create emotional effect.

Design matters, with the majority amount of data that we are swimming in. On the off chance that you examine through today’s interfaces, they consolidate more visuals, more story and more feeling giving reasons on why they matter in the ocean of contenders.

2. Scan Web page
Make your site that is easy to scan in light of the fact that clients don’t read sites the way they read other material. Is it accurate to say that it is any miracle, why the utilization of infographics has gotten standard passage for anybody looking to pass on sets of information or directions? Examination demonstrates that “clients switch from filtering to the duplicate when web substance helps concentrate on areas of investment.”

For example, you most likely are not going to read this whole article, rather examine the features and make the plunge to the area that interests you.

3. Make it Simple and Clear
It takes 1 second for guests to choose whether they are intrigued by a site or not, so be clear with what message you need to reach out to your audience. Today’s interfaces need ‘favored movements’ that are clear and wise to understand at a glance. Your audience does not ponder what you need them to do. For instance, it could mean centering visual consideration on one catch vs. four on your landing page.

Consider what your web application can do to make it simple and user friendly. For instance, a structure can give default values most clients would hold fast to as opposed to giving each alternative accessible. A predictable configuration is really more straightforward for clients on the grounds that it re-utilizes parts, practices, shades, and stylish to diminish the requirement for clients to reconsider.

4. Creative Designs with unique patterns
Be cautious while designing new UI designs that are now usually well-known. You don’t need individuals to consider where normal components are. Most interfaces, as of now be well known to clients.

It may feel cool to do something non-customary, yet cool does not mean usable. A balance of “Ease of use” and “innovativeness” need to be maintained while designing a website.

5. Easy navigation and Smooth Scroll
Scrolling more vs. clicking again helps more to create an effective design. Individuals simply don’t click as much we outline for. At the end of the day, the vast majority of us are searching for the most straightforward and quickest course to get what we require.

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