Features of WordPress 5.6

Meet WordPress “Simone”.

The latest version WordPress 5.6 “Simone”,is out. This new version is touted as one of the biggest updates of WordPress with loads of features, improvements, and new features to infuse life into your ideas. If you are looking to leverage the latest version, it is important to partner with a leading WordPress development company.

Here are the top features of WordPress 5.6


The latest release comes with part 2 of the jQuery WordPress update in three patches. “Simone” offers a large upgrade to the jQuery library. It is recommended to run the update test plugin to check errors on your website for issues.

Automatic Update for WordPress Release

WordPress 5.5 made it easy to turn on automatic updates for specific plugins. The WordPress 5.6 has further improved it by allowing automatic updates for major WordPress releases. Simply visit Dashboard » Updates page inside WordPress admin area and click on the ‘Enable automatic updates for new versions of WordPress’ link.

PHP Support

WP contributors have worked hard to make version 5.6 compatible with PHP 8 and this marks the first step towards Core PHP support for the latest version. WordPress products, services, and sites can support the latest PHP version. Every year PHP releases new versions to enhance performance, add features and remove bugs.

The core team planned and worked hard to fix compatibility issues with PHP 8. This will ensure that users who upgrade to the latest PHP version will not face any major issues.

REST API authentication with Application Passwords

The REST API in WordPress allows developers to communicate with a website outside the WordPress. With the new and robust Application Passwords authorization feature, third-party apps can connect to your site in a secure and seamless manner.

The REST API lets developers control the apps to your site and use application passwords in WordPress. Users can give access to the website and manage from the Users » Profile page. There is also an option to change an app’s access anytime.

Make way for Twenty Twenty-One!

Twenty Twenty-One is here!

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Twenty Twenty-One is a default minimalist theme for WordPress with brand-new block patterns. Try different layouts with theme’s design to create impressive designs.

Focused on accessibility, the theme conforms to WordPress accessibility-ready guidelines and standards associated with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at level AAA.

Top Features of WordPress 5.6

Soft pastels

Pre-selected color palettes in pastel adhering to AAA standards for contrast with the option to select your own background color for the theme and the theme chooses accessibility-conscious text colors.

Site Health Check Improvements

Well, WordPress 5.6 takes site health seriously. Several enhancements in version 5.6 provide ways to improve and validate the health of the site. While the improvements are not visible on the frontend, there are site health components and tools to access your site’s health.

Major Gutenberg Block Editor Updates in WordPress 5.6

Undoubtedly, this new version is a significant update to the WordPress block editor putting different versions of the Gutenberg plugin directly into WordPress Core. In addition to bug fixes and improved performance, this introduces wide changes to block patterns, the user interface, and block functions.

Blocks, Patterns, and UI Improvement

Updated block features, enhancements, and bug fixes for improved editing experience.

Block API V2

Block API version to render wrapper element and lighten the editor’s DOM.

Block Supports API

Block Supports API allows block developers to add features to their blocks such as Colors, backgrounds, font sizes through the Block Supports API.

WordPress 5.6 also introduces several new block supports aimed at increasing consistency and making it easier to introduce options into blocks.


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