Tools for ASP.NET

Web development has become a requisite for all types of businesses and organizations. When it comes to safe, secure and reliable web development, .Net is considered as the best option. There are many tools which aid in .NET web development processes. Here we will see some of the tools that are the best suited for ASP.NET development services.

Microsoft Visual Web developer 2010 Express

It is a free and robust development environment for developing, testing and deploying Web applications across the Microsoft Web Platform including ASP.Net, IIS and SQL Server. It offers powerful design surfaces for creating web standards based applications and services. This tool has got everything a web developer may require to develop a user-friendly web application. With this tool, the developers can work on Web Standards, JavaScript and ASP.NET. It is equipped with integrated debugging tools that allow finding and fixing bugs quickly and easily.


This one is a free and open source package manager software for Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express. Earlier, it was known as NuPack; however its name was changed due to confusion with a software package called NUPACK. It is distributed as a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to install and update third-party libraries and tools in a Visual Studio project. When a developer uses NuGet to install a package, it copies the library files to the system and automatically updates the project.


Notepad++ is a free text editor tool, designed as a replacement for Windows Notepad tool. It is the perfect option for those who want to edit the source code, HTML or CSS without the need to open Visual Studio. This tool is written in C++ programming language and works in MS Windows environment. It offers the user an Explorer context-menu and a IDE-like experience. It is  recommended specially for the developers who still rely on TextPad or Notepad for writing the code.

All these tools are very efficient in developing safe and secure web applications. There are many other options available for the ASP. NET developers to choose from.

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