Grocery Shopping Apps for iOS

On the way to the supermarket, you know all you are going to buy for the grocery shopping during the week. Of course, you remember many things while walking through the aisles and filing up your cart.

Once back home, you realize that you have forgotten one or two of the most important items on your list. And there is nothing more annoying then visiting the same grocery store again, just because you forgot an important item.

Despite your best efforts, it happens many times, when you go out for shopping. However, you won’t face this situation again as there are many apps out there to make your grocery shopping easier.


It is a new app developed by Quadion Technologies. It allows the user to make a static to-do list with date reminders. It not just reminds you to purchase an item, but it also remembers the place where you purchased that item. So, the next time you put that item on the list and are passing nearby the same store, it will remind you to buy that item.

Over time, this app will GeoLearn the locations of your entire shopping. Additionally, the next time you go for shopping, it can easily add purchased items back to your active shopping list. This app works on a simple concept and is very easy to use.

Quick List – Shopping and Grocery Errands

This app sorts the items on your shopping list with a color code to organize shopping. It automatically categorizes various types of grocery items on the list into store departments for a fast shopping. Once you add a new item in your list, it gets stored automatically in the dictionary.

So next time you make the list upon entering a few letters, it will search for a matching word and automatically suggest the items. Making a list for shopping is very easy with this app.


This app includes all the features one can imagine in an ideal grocery app. It allows adding the required items in the list and arranges them for maximum store efficiency.

You can add an item through speaking or typing. For those who frequently buy the same things, the favorites list helps to save time. Users can also edit the list online, and it will update automatically on the app.

This app also includes a bar code scanner and list sharing feature. Moreover, you can also access discounts from, which is its parent app. It allows to print or email coupons from the site.

Most of the grocery shopping apps to basically have similar features. You can find many of them at the app store. Many of them are free, while some need to be paid.

All of these make life much easier while saving your time, money and of course, some stress as well. You can also get your own grocery app made as per your needs and ideas. You just need to hire iOS App Developer(iPhone, iPad, iPod) for it.

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