Many organizations are investing in technology to help achieve business goals in order to accelerate growth, operational and competitive opportunities. Microsoft Business Solutions aim to improve overall effectiveness of workforce and increase organizational efficiency.

The objective? Improved performance.

Microsoft Enterprise services are helping provide distinctive capabilities in critical areas and improve the decision making—and effectiveness—of the workforce. Microsoft platform combined with industry insights help businesses improve performance and achieve extraordinary value. Microsoft has invested heavily in Intelligent Business Application platform focused on a variety of factors such as reducing costs and satisfying customers while remaining competitive.

AI for Microsoft Business Solutions aims to make AI easily available to all — consumers, businesses, developers — so that everyone can leverage its benefits. Microsoft Business Applications aim to augment Artificial intelligence (AI) to empower businesses and large enterprises helping them create an impact through data driven decisions.

Microsoft Business Applications consists of Dynamics 365, the Power Platform and the Common Data Service. Dynamics 365 contains CRM / Customer Engagement applications, as well as Field Service, Talent, Finance & Operations (ERP), Project Service Automation, Augmented & Mixed Reality, and Scheduling of Resources.

Digital Loop

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow) can have transformational impact on their organization, as well as help build strategy and roadmap for business applications at Microsoft to experience the latest innovations in AI and mixed reality accelerating your digital transformation journey.

Democratizing AI

Microsoft enterprise services help to develop an approach aimed to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it accessible for all. Amalgamation of AI will be the key differentiator delivering value for customers. Microsoft AI harnesses artificial intelligence to change interaction with the ambient computing, cognitive capabilities — available to every application developer in the world.

Microsoft aims to build the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer and making it available to anyone, via the cloud and harness its power as well as tackle AI-related challenges.

Unique Assets for Differentiated Customer Value

Microsoft’s unique ecosystem of assets such as Azure, Office 365, HoloLens, Bing, GitHub creates a unique ecosystem to deliver a key differentiator advantage to customers over other application vendors. This approach and differentiated set creates an advantage for Microsoft Business Applications customers. It is this leading edge technology that augments Microsoft’s ability to democratize augmented intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems that changes behaviors without being programmed and leverages data, usage behavior, pattern recognition and predictive analytics to deliver actionable insights.

But, AI is not just a standalone technology; it’s a term that encompasses multiple technologies like machine learning, cognitive computing services, and natural language processing. These technologies function, both individually and in combination, to augment intelligence to applications.

AI for Microsoft Business Solutions

Open Data Initiative

Open Data Initiative—a jointly-developed vision by Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP delivering unparalleled business insights from your behavioral, transactional, financial, and operational data.

AI Investments in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has included built-in AI since last several years providing AI experiences such as Relationship Assistant, AI Action Cards, Auto Capture for email, and more. The Dynamics 365 AI will be able to deliver intelligent, concise data which will guide strategic business decisions. AI will help employees effectively manage time, seek solutions about sales performances, analyze sales pipeline, and impart better coaching of teams.

Microsoft Power Platform (PowerApps, Power BI, Flow)

Microsoft’s Power Platform (PowerApps, Power BI, Microsoft Flow) makes it easy to create business applications, as well as customize and extend Dynamics 365 and Office 365 and build a new category of apps.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow allows organizations to integrate apps and business processes with automated workflows that connect to more than 200 services out of the box. It aims to turn mundane and repetitive tasks into multistep workflows, as well as allow powerful workflow automation directly in your apps with a no-code approach connecting hundreds of popular apps and services.

Cognitive Services opening a New Horizon

Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services APIs can open up a new horizon of possibilities to embed AI (Vision, Speech, Text Analytics) into Microsoft business application.


Microsoft enterprise services are all about heavily investing Artificial Intelligence which is becoming a part of everyday life. Operating Systems and Applications will continue to use AI to help users get jobs done effectively or unassisted for optimum results.

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