Apple iOS 6.1.3 Features

With iOS 6 and iPhone 5 running successfully in the market, Apple is earning huge loyalty scores. The much anticipated iOS 6 has entered the market with more than 200 new features, including some few interesting apps such as Passbook, Maps, Siri, Shared Photo Streams and much more.

In this blog, we will explore some of the new improved features of the updated version that brings some new goodies to the iOS devices.


This new feature allows you to store a wide range of payment cards and coupons such as loyalty cards, boarding passes, gift cards, vouchers, retail coupons, movie tickets and more. If you forget your printouts – no worries, as you can just open the Passbook and tap on the pass you need. The barcode is scanned, and you are allowed to check in the flight, redeem the coupon or win the loyalty points.

The application enables you to get more passes on your Passbook through the participating stores, restaurants, theaters, airlines, and more. Some of the partners already engaged with this new iOS 6 app are American Airlines, Live Nation, Walgreens, Ticket Master, Sephora to Go, at the BallPark and Fandango.


Apple opens up enhanced accessibility features with every iteration of iOS. The new Guided Access features, with significant improvements, make it easier for children, disabled and the elderly group to use the iOS device.

Guided Access helps children with autism to remain focused on the task. It enables a parent or teacher to restrict certain areas of the screen or limit the use of an iPhone to one app only by removing Home button option.

Find My iPhone

Lost or misplaced your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch? Not to worry as the new iOS 6 offers the new option for users to apply ‘Find My iPhone’ to find and protect the missing device.

Apple’s new iOS 6 and iCloud unwraps the Lost Mode feature making it easier for users to enable Find My iPhone to protect and locate the missing device. With a four-digit passcode, you can immediately lock your missing iPhone and can send a message showing your contact number.

The Lost Mode feature helps to locate your device, by keeping track of where it’s been and reports back anytime when you check through your Find My iPhone app. It easily aids you to get back your stolen or lost iOS device on the map from any device that is linked to your Apple ID.

Find My Friends

Share a location, and you can instantly find where your family or friends are with this new feature of iOS 6 update. It also helps you get the location-based alerts like when your kids arrive home or where they are and what they’re up to.

Moreover, it can also notify about your location to others. Thus, you can stay connected with your near and dear ones, along with getting a notification whenever your family member or friend arrives or leaves a certain place.

Remodeled Stores

The updated version of iOS offers a great shopping experience on all new revamped App store, iTunes store and iBookstore with its search and discovery features. The refreshing stores allows horizontal scrolling through an array of lists and categories.

At the top of the each store, you can find the list of new arrivals in music, TV shows, apps, movies and books. With iCloud, you can continue your shopping on different Apple devices, like switching from your iPad to iPhone or vice verse, with full capabilities.

These are just some of the most intriguing new features in iOS 6. This interesting stuff really offers an excellent experience to the Apple device users while making their lives easy. Still, if some interesting and hidden features are missed by us, do share in the comment box.

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