Apple iOS 6.1.3 Update

Recently, Apple Inc. has unveiled the latest iOS 6.1.3 update for the Apple device users for fixing a lock-screen flaw, which the hackers noticed. In mid-February, a bug was found in iOS 6.1 that allowed people to peep into the information, access the contacts, or even share contacts and photos without the need of passing the security panel.Due to this defect, a person can easily get access to information stored on the handset without the need of a passcode.

Make an emergency call, cancel it, attempt to turn off your iPhone and press the power button, and you can easily make phone calls, view photos, edit contacts and even check the voice mail. This trick didn’t give a complete authority to the user, but it gives a limited access a minor access to the smartphone app to the person attempting to use your iPhone.

Apple tried hard to fix this problem, and finally we have the latest iOS update. An over-the-air update, it fixes the potential security vulnerability and moreover, it has improved the execution of the Maps app in Japan.

This update is available for iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPhone 5 and all iPads and iPod devices after the 4th generation iPod touch. The size of the update is 18.2MB for iPhone 5 and for iPhone 4S its 28.5MB. Apple declares that the update contains bug fix and improvements in the update notification screen.

Interestingly, this update also includes a small fix for blocking the popular hacking tool – “evasi0n, ” which allows users to easily jailbreak their iPhones. This states that it would not be possible for anyone to jailbreak your Apple device until a new hack is discovered.

Well, with all these bugs fix update, Apple has once again proved its power resolving the security flaw and boosting the performance of the device. Let’s see how far it goes and will it work if any new bug appears?

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