The day’s finally here! Microsoft unveiled what’s next for Windows 10 and the announcements have definitely made the users happy. So, if you’ve missed anything, here’s a quick rundown:

Windows 10 for phones, share apps with the desktop

Microsoft is all set to merge Windows 10 for large screen devices along with small devices. The users will no longer get a large desktop for the smaller mobile devices. It becomes easier for the developers to build apps on mobiles, desktops and Xbox.

  • It is expected that the Action Center and Settings menu will share the base design with desktop Mobile and this would lead to an improvement in the user experience.
  • The People app will allow the users to start a call or message a contact as it would aggregate the phone contacts. Mails composition will be handled by Word.
  • Windows 10 comes with enhanced features of Office apps – Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Messaging becomes more unified and all the messages will be in one place.
  • Photos is universal app that features OneDrive integration and pictures would be synced from multiple devices so that the users can view the entire photo collection from one place.

Nokia Lumia 1520 will get the latest upgrades while Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1. Don’t be confused about what will happen to the other Windows devices. Microsoft may be surely working on it.

Cortana for desktop:

There had been rumors that Cortana will move to the desktop on Windows 10 making it more intelligent and useful than ever. Cortana has now got better for PC than the phones. A major upgrade in the software is considered to be one of the major reasons for an enhanced PC experience.

Microsoft said that Cortana is now more personal as the soft female voice cracks jokes and understands 7 different languages. It would now have very natural voice interaction and trigger words. The users can ask Cortana to play music or be quiet. It is believed that Cortana will provide the right suggestions and notifications when the users require them.

We’re happy than ever before to see Cortana in the new Windows 10 and it seems that Microsoft wants to make a great effort to enhance the productivity.

Project Spartan – The software giant’s next-generation browser:

The new browser – Project Spartan will be built into Windows 10. No information is available about Spartan replacing IE on Windows 10. It seems that the giant wants to create a single browsing experience across all the Windows devices.

As browsers are a vital way for the users to interact with the Internet for watching videos, accessing Facebook and online shopping, it becomes important for Microsoft to redouble the efforts with the browsers for an enhanced user experience. Though mobile apps are the primary ways to interact with the internet, browser still remains a key technology for desktops and laptops. Spartan will be available to Windows 10 Insider versions and then to other Windows phones.

Windows 10 free upgrade for Windows 7 / 8.1 for the first year:

Microsoft Corp decided to give away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 and 7 versions. The giant makes efforts to hold onto the customers by doing so.

By offering free upgrades, the company hopes to attract more than 1 billion personal computer users of Windows to run the same on other devices. Let’s wait to see whether most consumers are ready to adopt this free upgrade and enjoy running Microsoft’s latest.

Xbox integration on Windows 10:

The latest Xbox implementation includes advanced features like messaging and friend list. It allows the users to interact with the Activity Feed and support Steam games. Capturing and editing gameplay footage would be done just as on Xbox one.

Microsoft demoed the upcoming feature and revealed that users would be able to stream their games to Windows 10 PC too.

Windows debuts Windows Holographic – The Augmented Reality platform and headset:

Windows comes with some additional features compared to its competitors. Getting deeper into augmented reality, the giant showcased a new product called Windows Holographic. A new device – Microsoft HoloLens was also announced that includes spatial sound, multiple sensors and Microsoft-crafted processor called a Holographic Processing Unit.

Start menu revived with Windows 10:

Windows 10 reasserts the traditional Windows design elements and yes – The Start menu lives! The users will be able to click the Windows logo button to access the new menu. The menu would have universal search field.

Microsoft Surface Hub – An 84 inch multi-touch 4K displays:

The Microsoft Surface Hub is an 84-inch display that is equipped with multi-pen and multi-touch support. The Surface Hub can also be used as a video conference tool along with being used as whiteboards. The “one-touch meetings” feature would allow the users to join and invite collaborators on video calls. Once the meeting is over, the users can tap on the button and reset the Surface Hub and it is ready for the next meeting.

The release date of Windows 10 hasn’t been revealed yet, but it is expected to launch in the fall. Stay tuned for more updates!

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