Software development consists of various methods and processes, as it not only a technological work but many motives are also attached. For reducing the complexity in the development process developers all over the world always seeks simple ways of development.

Agile software development is one of the great approaches followed by the software developers. By following this approach software developers can deliver worthy software to their clients and make them satisfy to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction. Agile software development is the theory of following the similar principles; agile software development is a group of software development procedures.

Commonly agile processes are project management process which allows & promotes the regular inspection & adaptation, a philosophy which promotes teamwork, self- development and responsibility, a set of engineering activities which provide quick delivery of high standard software and a business viewpoint of development which helps in fulfilling specific needs of customers and company.

Characteristics of Agile approach in software development
Using Agile software development process developers use to develop the software by following complete lifecycle process of software development, development methods which can reduce the risks drastically and completes the development process in short span of time, Agile’s approach of developing the software use to emphasis on direct communications of  the written documents such as developers do face-to-face communications, Agile projects of software development do not follow any corporate hierarchy and act cross functional as well as self organizing, Agile methods are generally more controlled and managed and on the other hand, traditional software development methods are flexible to situations according to experienced & expert software developers.

There are various benefits of Agile approach in the software development such as developers can make the development project cost effective, project visibility can be maximized with smart use of Agile approach, project risk can be reduced, Agile approach provides options to track and review the project and of course helps in developing high quality of software.

Agile approach for the development of software is popular among the global software developers, which allows them to develop quality software in short-run. There are various software development companies active in Agile software development to satisfy their clients and to provide them cost effective services.

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