Core Organizer Application The simplest and secure way to stay organized!

Our client from Australia wanted us to build an organizer application for iPhone, iPad and Android platform that allows you to store massive amounts of information about the user - organized into different categories or modules such as House, Contacts, Finances, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Travel, etc.

Add Module

Choose the Module - House, Finances, Sporting Events, Hobbies, Travel Itinerary, Films, Music, Books, Heath Documents and Information; and add the one that fit your requirements – with info appropriate to that module.

Key Features

  • Daily planner
  • Online calendar/Private journal
  • Cloud storage option
  • Multiple categories/Modules
  • Email and password protected
  • Multilingual support
  • Offline app & online syncing with AWS Cognito
  • Amazon S3 technology to sync info/multiple devices

Remember, Plan and Do

The Core Organizer App embodies an approach of Remember, Plan, and Do. It is a comprehensive all-in-one personal organizer/tool or rather a secure storehouse for capturing and organizing private information about life.

Sync Information

The application comes with improved code for data migration and synching that allows a user to access recorded data/information across multiple devices by synchronizing between them. Availing this in-app purchase functionality in the Settings page, a person owning both an iPhone and an iPad will be able to see the information on both devices.

Security First!

Information security is the primary feature of Core Organizer app. From initial protection of input information via device’s security features, the app allows password protection; besides allowing users to use synching function by encryption support made available from Amazon S3 cloud services. Even on losing your device, the Synching function, when purchased will enable use of the information on other devices upon which the app was installed. Also, the user can retrieve information from the App even in the absence of Wi-Fi service.

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