Good UI/UX design is one of the key ingredients that form the success formula to any popular mobile app at the app store. Studies have revealed that most successful and hugely popular mobile application have incredibly stunning graphical content with rich visual controls, seamlessly maneuvering users as to how they need to interact with the application.  

But, what is it that makes the first impression critical in determining the Click through Rate (CTR) of a mobile app? It’s the mobile APP ICON.

App icons forms the first interface that helps end users connect with a new mobile application at the app store. This makes it all the more important for mobile app developers to create optimized icons that stand out from others.

How Design-intensive is your Mobile App Icon

Recent market research reports have divulged that 70 percent of app downloads happen as a result of app store discovery. A great icon can not only appeal, draw attention and influence users to download application, it also stays in user’s mind – this makes it all the more important to invest time and effort in getting the right app icon.

Mobile app icon are increasing becoming design-intensive considering the cut throat competition in the app store be it Apple iTunes, Google Play or any other. Also, with most end users largely on the move, there remains a very less seconds for icons to catch the attention and inspire users to create the urge for app download.

Check out the proven mobile app icon design tips and Mobile App Icon design guidelines to create engaging mobile UX to create the most enticing Mobile app icon that sells and compels download.

Simplicity – the Key to Great app icon
You might be tempted to showcase your UI prowess by creating a complex design for your app icon; however, its simplicity that can make your app get remembered and give it the iconic status rather than one with too many bells and whistles. Also, considering the relatively small size of mobile screen, it is stay of complexity in design as, they may create confusion in users. Just Go Simple with fewer colors and less content.

Create Bold Designs with App Icon to Get Maximum Impact
Share your app concept and the target audience to your UI designer to get the best results. Create a bold app icon that is unique, stands out and grabs attention. Choose a color palette that supports the app theme and looks good on light as well as dark background, based on the varied wallpapers people will choose.

Unique Shape or Symbol make a Lasting Impression
Getting noticed amidst millions of app at the app store is practically a humongous task irrespective of whether a user is browsing the app store or scrolling through their home screens. App icons being the first interface of a mobile application, it is necessary to create an icon that’s instantaneously noticeable on search listing pages and a user’s screen.

App icons with Borders, Click with Audience
Studies have shown time and again that app icons with borders have better impact than those without borders. It is found that most successful apps with bold colors help emphasize the content of the icon and make it stand out in the App Store.

Avoid App Icon Design with Text
Let your App Name complement your app icon and avoid the confusion of embedding the app initials or name in the icon itself. Preferably design an app icon without any text and let the icon speak for your app.

Flat designs for App Icons are in!
Mobile app designers are increasingly designing flat app icons especially when it comes to iOS apps. But avoid using the shiny effect in icons as that will blend your icons at the App Store, making them look like Apple’s default icons. So stay in trend and visible with flat and Matte app design!

Brand Logos in App Icon design – Should or Shouldn’t?
Should brand logo be imbibed in an App Icon – is a much debated question. Studies indicate that brand logo display in your icon can be a good idea, if your brand is already popular with a powerful visual identity as in Nike, Spotify, Starbucks, etc. However, it won’t make any ripples at the App store if the brand is not as much popular – missing attention and business amidst a flurry of apps.

App Icons need an Update too!
Amazed? But it’s true, app icon design too need update from time to time to keep the popularity and attention alive as you see in the Fruit Ninja and Deer Hunter app. From special edition icons to festive icons to giving the seasonal look, do not hesitate to wear the creative cap and make your brand statement with the ‘extra’ zing to your App icon design.

But remember not to play with the basic concept of the app icon, as that might confuse your audience. Get it right the first time and just ‘play with the mood’. Do not just change it for the heck of doing so – because changing app icons calls for an app store update that often comes with update costs.

Synopsis: Ensuring App success with Mobile App Icon design

One of the basic principles to ensure the success of your mobile app icon design popularity and success is making a competitive analysis of what contemporaries are up to. Analyze the success of any benchmark mobile applications at the App store and create a design strategy that will facilitate app launch.

Not only get innovative with your app icon design ideas, rather work on improving on your ideas – take a test run amongst different people and ask for feedback. Looking for really productive feedback on-the-field? And last but not the least, hire mobile app designers who understands your business and can create a unique mobile app icon that helps maximize downloads – ensuring app success.

Got any innovative user experience design tips to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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