On-demand Application Development

The on-demand delivery application development is growing at a rapid pace with their expansion across different industries. There is Uber for everything, meaning on-demand applications to give consumers what they want when they need and wherever they need it. With coronavirus pandemic, there is growth at an astronomical pace of on-demand applications in almost every industry. It is important to hire Mobile App developers to transform your app idea into reality.

Here are the statistics depicting growth in On-Demand Delivery Application development:

Growth in On-demand Application Development

Features of On-Demand Delivery Application Development:

Customer’s App:

History of Past Orders Placed
Get complete details of orders placed in the past allowing them to track orders when needed and place the order of the same product/service without any hassles.

Order Tracking
Real-time order tracking provides accurate information on the order and allows users to get updates on a timely basis.

Payment Integration
Multiple payment gateways to let users make secure online payment without any hassles.

Review and Ratings
User can provide their valuable feedback to stay connected with the admin. Instant reviews and feedback can help them evolve and grow.

Service Providers’ App

History of Order
Comprehensive details of past deliveries working as a quick summary of the past work of your delivery staff. You can track performance and effectiveness based on this information.

Payment Dashboard
Keep track of monthly wages with details such as tips, commissions, and other payments. This helps the delivery personnel to calculate earnings.

Location-based APIs
Let the delivery personnel get vital information to know the fastest or shortest route for the deliveries. Very often this information plays an important role in avoiding traffic prone areas. Moreover, this is to ensure their safety during the movement.

Driver/ Courier Features

Order Details 
Review orders placed, view details of orders and the client’s details, and accept the most suitable ones.

Booking the Order 
Option for couriers to bid for orders.

In-app messaging option to directly communicate with the client.

Delivery Status 
Update the customer regarding status of order such as accepted/rejected, picked up or delivered.

GPS navigation for in-app navigation.

Ratings and Feedback 
Feature for couriers/drivers to rate their clients and leave feedback about the order.

Manage profile 
Oversee all aspects of order such as data about completed orders, earnings, etc.

On-Demand Delivery Application User Features 

  • Instant quotes
  • Order placement
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Payment for deliveries
  • Feedback on deliveries
  • Delivery notifications

On-Demand Delivery Application Driver App Features 

  • Order Dashboard
  • Invoice Generation
  • Proof of delivery
  • Payments
  • Location Tracking
  • Convenient Navigation

On-Demand Delivery Application Admin Panel Features 

  • Quote calculator
  • Employee management
  • User management
  • Manual and automated route planning
  • Delivery zone management
  • Customer support

On-Demand Delivery App: How it Works

User requests/researches product or service and checks its availability. This method is industry agnostic and remains the same.

The on-demand delivery app provider receives a request and confirms the order based on the availability of a product or service.

End users can track the confirmation of order and track its movement via GPS within the app and communication with the driver/delivery/courier officials.

Product/Service Delivery
The user receives the product/services ordered.

Ratings & Reviews
The customer gives a rating to the services or products and writes feedback for other users of the app.

Steps to Build On-Demand Delivery Application

Brainstorming & Requirement Gathering

Before you take a plunge into online app development, it is important to gather requirements. There are several different ways to gather information from different stakeholders such as target audience/end users, customers, sponsors and more. There are several different methods to elicit information such as expert interviews, document or interface analysis, prototyping, user observation and a survey among others.

Visual and Technical Designs

A wireframe is similar to a roadmap of the online app development process. Wireframe provides a blueprint or an outline of the mobile app framework. It is a simplified visual concept providing context about space utilization, content prioritization, the flow of features and functionality, connectivity and flow between screens and overall layouts.

Selecting Tech Stack

On-demand mobile app development requires the integration of different technologies, depending on the selection of platforms. In fact, selecting a platform to build an app is important and will play a crucial role in improving customers’ experience. It is important to launch the app on platforms that are popular and will help you reach your target users and keep close attention to tech details.

Generally, there are three types of platforms:

  • Web platform (runs in a web browser)
  • Native app (iOS/Android)
  • Cross-platform technology (cost-effective method for both iOS and Android apps)

Find the Right Development Team

Once you are clear and ready with a roadmap, it is time to look for on-demand app developers specializing in iOS, Android and cross-platform app development. When everything’s planned and arranged, it’s time to start hire mobile app developers. Currently, there are two popular ways: in-house or outsourced development.

  • In-house Teams: Works well for long-term projects that need 24/7 support and maintenance, but often very expensive.
  • Dedicated Development Team: Feasible for both short and long term projects to outsource development, cost-effective and outsourcing teams are ready to sign the contract to protect both parties.

MVP Creation

Before launching your app, it is important to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) a product with the minimum, yet vital features, mainly for early testing and further product improvement. You can iterate and enhance the MVP for your product based on the feedback of stakeholders or end-users. This phase reduces errors in the final release of mobile applications and launches a successful product.


Based on the success and feedback on MVP, it is about time to begin the actual development process. It is important to implement agile development techniques to build the product and ensure a high-quality product. Once the app is tested rigorously, deploy on App Store or Google Play Store. Now comes the phase of constant improvement, maintenance and updates for your on-demand delivery app.

FAQs on On-Demand Delivery Application Development

What is an on-demand delivery service?

The on-demand service model aims to transform the way businesses serve customers in almost every industry. On-demand service allows customers to order a product /service immediately when experiencing a need, anywhere and anytime.

What is an on-demand delivery app?

The on-demand application provides seamless technology solutions to users order a product or service from another person/service provider or company. On-demand delivery apps overcome complex logistical issues to make deliveries fast, simple and hassle-free.

How do I create an on-demand delivery app?

The on-demand delivery app is a complex process requiring technical and domain knowledge to assess technical feasibility, features, tech stack, UI/UX design, development, testing & deployment. It is important to hire mobile app developers or select a development partner providing web & mobile app development services.

How much does it cost to make an on-demand delivery service?

The on-demand delivery app consists of several elements which directly define the cost of the app such as product development and design (MVP), platforms selected as well as ongoing tech upgrade, maintenance, bug fixing and client support.


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