Majority of the organizations are faced with the dilemma of maintaining their software to ensure its optimal performance and maximum usage. In this cut-throat technology powered world, no enterprise can afford to lag behind in terms of using the latest technology, platform or tools. Software product support and maintenance service is focused on keeping a watch on the performance and usability of software release of application to ensure its dynamicity to competitive market.

Significance of Professional Support and Maintenance Services

Software is used as an integral component by organizations of all sizes, be it a small business with basic website or an international retail brand managing a giant warehouse. Any of these organizations are required to take help of software for smooth flow of their daily operations.

If you want to reduce total cost of ownership as well as avail the benefit of having useful improvements and optimization in the product, hire professional software support and maintenance services provider.

Having a dedicated unit to take care of support and maintenance helps in immediate bug fixing for critical issues and even permanent resolution for high-level optimization. When the product is up-to-date and serves the exact purpose, it delivers higher customer satisfaction at reduced costs. Organization cut the cost of maintaining older version of the software product with a new release.

This reduces time and effort invested in handling of issues of obsolete systems. Professional support and maintenance services help in focusing more on enhancing the software product and introducing some innovative element that could add value to its core purpose of creation.

Different Types of Software Maintenance and Support Approaches

Depending on the requirement of your software product, the approach of software product support and maintenance service may vary:

Perfective Maintenance

This approach helps in re-engineering, enhancing and customizing the software product or application for resolving of issues that affect system’s performance and functionality.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance approach is best suited when software and hardware are expected to work in dynamic, new and altered environment.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is bets approach for stable software products or applications that requires regular updates and release management so that it stays in line with the latest technology, ahead of competition.

Comprehensive Software Product Support and Maintenance Services

Let’s understand different types of services covered under software product support and maintenance:

Software Maintenance

Under software maintenance, clients can expect different levels of support services to help in troubleshooting, addressing complexities and providing bug fixing for security audit and application enhancement. Monitoring of system data, IT infrastructure support, monitoring of system setup and application code optimization comes under this type of maintenance.

Application Maintenance

Reduce the overhead of maintaining the application by handing over the responsibility to a professional service provider. Application support and maintenance service provider provides consultation on choosing the most appropriate IT infrastructure and hosting options considering the long term scalability options.

Apart from hosting and setting up the perfect environment for application launch, it also conducts security audits, manages server and checks for backup storage setup, control performance and checks for application licenses. Application support service provider also helps in migration to cloud, if required.

Product Enhancement & Maintenance

Under this category of service, software product is examined and analyzed to find out all defects, bugs and malfunctioning. Based on the analysis reports generated, product maintenance and support service provider suggest possible changes for enhancing the product and improving its overall market value and usefulness.

Pre-support Audit

As a part of support and maintenance of software product or solution, it is vital to conduct timely audit to understand its proper functioning. Such detailed audit report helps in detecting areas that need improvement and enhancement through maintenance services.

On a Concluding Note…

Any type of support and maintenance service can help in utilizing the software, solution and product to the core. Hidden Brains is a reputed enterprise IT software and consulting company helping organizations by offering reliable support and maintenance services as per their requirement. Choose from different product maintenance approaches based on your specifications for best handling of the software product.

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