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Covid-19 has brought about a devastating impact on the lives of people. Amidst quarantine, travel restrictions and lockdown, cities across the world have a deserted look just like the heart wrenching set of a post-apocalypse TV show. But sadly it is not a TV show, it is the new normal and glimpse of what the future might look like across the US, UK and major UK, where lockdowns are extending. While some countries are showing resilience and opening up markets, social distancing will hold the key in combating the spread of Covid-19.

Due to lockdown, people are experiencing new challenges. As people grapple with realities of lockdown, the biggest challenge is getting food supplies. This pain area has resulted in record increase in the demand for grocery delivery app development, grocery pickup and delivery services climb up the charts.

Grocery delivery app download growth due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States as of March 2020

Grocery delivery app download growth

According to Techcrunch,

Walmart Grocery, as a result, has now hit an all-time high in downloads — grabbing the No. 1 ranking position across all Shopping apps in the U.S. on April 5, 2020, and surpassing Amazon by 20%, according to app intelligence firm App Annie.

Rise of Online Grocery Apps during Covid-19

There are several reasons behind the rise of an on-demand grocery solution during Covid-19 times.

Ensuring Safety

After the increase in Covid-19 cases and initial panic-buying across local stores, people are not braving out in crowds. With the majority of people locked in their apartments and unwilling to take risk of possible infection outside, users are inclined towards online grocery apps. This is one effective way of avoiding risks of contamination while getting essential food supplies. Online apps reduce possibilities of coming in direct contact with people.

On the other hand, delivery workers interact with several consumers on a daily basis, putting their own health at risks and exposing themselves to viruses. However, several online delivery companies have equipped employees with facial masks, gloves, and sanitizers, as well as ensuring temperature checks on a daily basis. These steps have had a profound impact on consumers who are gravitating towards online delivery apps.

Contactless Deliveries

Several apps are offering contactless deliveries, ensuring there is no direct contact between customers and delivery guys. Apps are offering contactless deliveries to customers make payment online and opting for contactless delivery during checkout. Once again contactless delivery plays a big role in minimizing risks against possible infection.

Rise of Multi-delivery Apps

During COVID’19, on-demand apps have come to the rescue of users in lockdown. Many consider online grocery apps as a one-stop destination for essential services. Food delivery and grocery delivery apps have surged ahead in this crisis.

But what if you can provide food and grocery delivery in one app?

This is the reason why multi-niche delivery apps are gaining popularity. The main reason behind the success is providing different delivery options in one app, giving users the flexibility and convenience that the services are accessible through a single app.

Multi niche delivery apps can be an effective and reliable way of meeting demand of users. People need not switch across various apps for food and grocery needs.

With just a single tap, multiple delivery services can be availed.

Advantages of a multi-niche delivery app.

  • One-stop solution for users when it comes to both food and grocery delivery.
  • Accessibility to services is improved substantially in a single app.
  • Admin can monitor several activities in tandem. The professionals assigned to deliver food can also deliver essential grocery items.
  • Cost and resources spent on delivery person is reduced due to multiple services offered in a single app.

Digital Technology: New Normal for Grocery Stores

Due to the rapid increase of CoronaVirus, people have become cautious and reluctant about visiting traditional grocery stores which requires physical contact with products.

A key driver during this pandemic, it turns out, is digital technology.

Grocery Mobile App Development Features

  • Cart Sharing & Shopping List: List of products customers are looking to buy and creating shopping lists.
  • Auto-suggest Search: Search products by typing keywords or phrases into the search box without navigating the app.
  • Push Notifications: Get the latest update on products, discounts and deals as notifications or alerts.
  • Order Tracking and Status: Order tracking and status feature providing real-time details.
  • Coupon Codes & Special Deals: Giving coupon codes to your customers on their every purchase and special deals on festivals to increase sales on online grocery mobile apps.
  • Reviews and Ratings: User-generated content such as customer’s reviews, comments, discussions type of content act as social proof to build trust among users.
  • Product comparisons: Option to research and compare products, prices, quality to find products without leaving the apps.
  • Secure payment options: Multiple and secure payment methods allowing customers to pay by cash, credit & debit cards, digital wallets, PayPal, Net banking.

Food delivery app development services focus on restoring the confidence of shoppers. With the rising and persistent demand of food and grocery during a pandemic, it is important to align with the consumer’s changing buying habits and build technology solutions that will allow them to handle the exponential increase in customer’s requirements.


Ecommerce companies will also have to reconsider their current delivery strengths and strategies. Following a dependable approach like keeping the customers informed with clear and precise information about the available products might impact their grocery purchasing habits.

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