AngularJS is among the most widely used technologies in Web application development today. For starters, the JavaScript front-end application framework was developed and maintained by Google. If you are looking for a robust app development solution, Angular.js development services may come across as an effective solution. It is a JavaScript-based open source front end web framework addressing challenges encountered in developing applications.

Let’s discuss the benefits of AngularJS Development :

  • Supports a wider community: Developers can figure out the appropriate solution for fixing issues and clients can select the development teams as required. It opens up voluminous opportunities for both app developers and the clients.
  • Easy to understand: AngularJS is fairly easy to understand and easy to maintain. It is this simplicity that provides extra benefits where clients can often make changes.
  • Custom Solutions: While writing the code, mobile app developers are actually not required to add all the libraries at a time and add some other extra modifications. It comes with readymade and versatile solutions that can be used within the app. Customized solutions such as module practices can be used.
  • Comprehensive Testing: AngularJS allows mobile app developers to code as well as create the code from the rest of the app.

Highlights of AngularJS 7

The different features that distinguish Angular 7 from the prior Angular versions include the following:

  • Angular Elements components now support content projection via slots.
  • Improves app performance by automatically adding or removing the reflect metadata polyfill.
  • Angular CLI can prompt users with the CLI Prompts capability to help make decisions. CLI documentation has been integrated into the main docs.
  • By using the default bundle budgets, users will get warned every time if the app exceeds 2MB. However, in case the initial bundle exceeds 5MB it will show as an error.

Features of AngularJS

Angular 7, is the new major version of the web popular framework released by Google. This latest version offers a host of new features such as CLI Prompts, Angular Budgets, Virtual Scroll, Drag and Drop, and more.

Angular Budgets

This feature of Angular Budgets allows developers to set budget thresholds or limits in Angular.js on configuration and ensures application stays well within limit. Budget has received improvements related to performance in Angular 7. When using the default bundle budgets, users gets warning each and every time the app exceeds 2MB and there will be an error if the initial bundle exceeds 5MB.

The Angular CLI

Angular 7 provides a command-line interface (CLI) tool for developers to initiate, develop and maintain Angular apps to prompt developers to run common commands aiming to help developers discover built-in features.

Drag and Drop

The Drag and Drop component lets developers to build drag and drop functionality in a developer-friendly way. According to Angular team “The @angular/cdk/drag-drop module provides you with a way to easily and declaratively create drag-and-drop interfaces, with support for free dragging, sorting within a list, transferring items between lists, animations, touch devices, custom drag handles, previews, and placeholders, in addition to horizontal lists and locking along an axis”.

AngularJS Use Cases

  • On-demand video streaming apps: It is the best choice for developing such apps. The most prominent examples are YouTube and Netflix.
  • User Review Apps: These applications provide critical information to the users about the actions they are interested in taking. With review apps, it is easy to identify the best solutions and save resources in term of money.
  • Travel Apps: Since these apps involve dynamic features, AngularJS helps in developing sophisticated travel apps.
  • Weather Apps: AngularJS allows the developers to develop an interactive display and helps in performing real-time activities with optimized quality.
  • Content portals apps: AngularJS offers the functionality of handling a huge amount of data, posts, and user information.


If you are planning to develop and implement high-performance web & mobile technologies, consider Angular as the efficient, up-to-date development framework. AngularJS emerges as a winner in the present time owing to such immense benefits, but one must consult the right AngularJS Development Company or experts before proceeding with app development.

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