According to statistics available, the number of Android applications in the Google Play Store, formerly known as Android Market, from December 2009 to July 2015 is increasing at a rapid pace.


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The number of available apps in the Google Play Store surpassed 1 million apps in July 2013 and most recently placed at 1.6 million apps in July 2015. With nearly 1.6 millions apps in the Google Play, there is no guaranteed formula of what works in the app world and what does not. Some Android apps flaunt impressive download numbers and reviews. On the other hand, some Android apps find it difficult to rise above obscurity.

If you’re a new Android app developer, you will undoubtedly feel intimidated with hundreds of thousands of apps on the Google Play store. You have a great idea for mobile app and confident about transforming your app idea into reality. But you’ll need to take additional steps in order to get an app out there and attract users.

What does it take to click in the Google Play Store? Here are few tips that will help new developers crack the code.

Make Android Guidelines your Best Friend

Google has laid out certain guidelines and expects that every developer should follow these guidelines. The guidelines are primarily designed to maintain app’s consistency with one another and make Android a big ecosystem. Once you follow the guidelines, users will understand how your app works.  Ultimately, you will make your app an enjoyable experience.

Google completely revamped the user interface design for Android in Lollipop. The UI now has bright colors and “cards” that have shadows and new animations. The need for app designers and developers to follow guidelines ensures that users will a unified experience.

Stay Updated

Google releases new updates to its SDK on a continuous basis. The primary aim behind this update is to let developers try out different ways of development techniques that could be implemented in apps. Once you keep the app updated by implementing the latest technology, you stay competitive in the Google Play Store. Furthermore, users appreciate the fact that your app meets the standards.

Think About Users

Remember, developing app is not about you. Everything revolves around your users. The best way to improve your app is to get into user’s psyche. Try to address concerns and value users’ feedback.  Users simply feel stunned when developers actually implement their suggestions in the apps. Always glean through users reviews on the Google Play Store or social networking sites for your app. Remember, today’s savvy users appreciate the fact that you take feedback seriously and they in turn will continue using your app. Users are your most important group of people who want to play a key role in improving your app. So why turn a blind eye to users.

Sometimes developer’s own preferences force them to overlook what the majority of people really care about. It is important to gather as much feedback about Android application and above all, be sure to implement the changes.

Live and Breathe Android

You are planning to launch an Android app, but you don’t use the device. Well, that is a recipe for disaster. It is important to live and breathe Android and know what’s next to gain the first-mover advantage. Be a part of Android community sites and harness Android SDK for maximum advantage. You need to connect with fellow Android developers, use your Android device extensively in order to improve your skills as an Android developer.

Diversity is the key

Android is open source platform that provides users the flexibility and abundance of choice. Unfortunately, this freedom also gives rise to the problem of fragmentation that continues to add to Android developers woes. Android runs on different devices with multiple screen sizes. This makes it a developer’s nightmare to test app on each and every device possible. It is important to maintain consistency across devices.


There is no denying that you will come across glitches. But the true challenge is about defying limits. It is all about converting pitfalls into opportunities. Think about reaching out to millions of users across the globe with your best Android App.

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