WordPress has emerged as the most preferred choice of entrepreneurs for developing business websites. If numbers are something to be believed, every day on an average 500 websites are being created using WordPress platform.

Reasons for Rising Popularity of WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular content management system as per the latest reports, which is justified by following chart:

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Let’s know why:

WordPress is known for offering thousands of customizable templates, themes and plug-ins for businesses and even personal blogs. These templates are reasonably priced and are available with a host of options to suit varied user requirements.

Apart from its easy-to-use interface and minimal coding benefits, WordPress offers reliable security plug-ins that protects your business website from getting hacked. Such secured and safe environment provided by this content management system is one of the major reasons for its increased acceptance among audience.

List of Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

Let’s have a look at popular, tried and tested WordPress security plugins that offer high-level protection to your website. It is suggested to consult a reputed WordPress development company for implementing these security plugins to ensure its efficient functioning:

1. All in One WordPress Security & Firewall

This WordPress plugin helps you know how secured is your website by displaying a score on the dashboard. The security scanner of this plugin immediately recognizes the changes in WordPress website to keep user aware of any possible threat.

Having extremely easy user interface, this plugin protects websites by detecting possible threats and implementing latest security measures.

2. BulletProof Security

As the name says, this plugin offers instant security with single click bullet security solution. Having an ability to monitor number of login attempts, this plugin also checks uploaded files for malicious activities. The plugin instantly sends an alert on registered email id or other contact detail in case of detected threat.

BulletProof security plugin offers protection against CRLF, RFI, XSS and SQL injection.

3. Sucuri Security

This plugin is available to WordPress users for free. The highlighting feature of this plugin is that it tracks all sorts of activities on the website. In case of any malfunctioning of website, users have an option to review their activity log and identify the problem area.

Features such as auditing and blacklist tracking of this plugin have proved to be helpful for admins.

4. iThemes Security

This WordPress plugins offers more than 30 ways to secure website against hackers and possible threats. Available in two versions, free as well as premium, iThemes security tightens the security of website to protect against attacks.

The plugin uses two-factor authentication for login and logging actions to account for an extra layer of security while performing some specific actions.

5. Wordfence

This is the most popular WordPress plugin that protects websites by offering advanced security options such as IP blocking, scanning, firewall protection and overall activity monitoring. While scanning the website from scratch, it detects whether the site is infected or not.

Premium version of this plugin offers high-end security features of predefined country blocking and scheduled scan.


WordPress development services provider are pro at implementing this plugin in your website after detecting the utility of it. With such advanced features available with WordPress, users trust on this CMS platform is entrenched with a good note. Get suitable plugins for your WordPress website today to protect it from being hacked!

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