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Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services


Enterprises are rethinking conventional quality assurance to deliver high performance. Our Quality Assurance and Testing services are aimed at reducing cost of development, improving time-to-market and minimizing technical and business risks, no matter application/platform or complexity of your quality assurance testing requirements.

Hidden Brains team is revamping QA and testing with a focus on creating intelligent processes to promote business and technology change, as well as enhance customer experience. We combine latest methodologies, technical expertise and industry best practices, which is underscored by world-class tools to address the current testing challenges.

  • Defect Diagnosis
  • Expertise in Various Automated QA Testing
  • Testing Roadmap tailored for Business Needs
  • Framework-based Automation Solution
  • Continuous & Automated Testing
  • Test Environment Management
  • Performance Testing & Engineering
  • Data Assurance


Our Propositions

Our CapabilitiesEnterprise Quality Assurance and Testing to Create Competitive Advantage in Performance.

End-to-end quality assurance system with complete focus on cost and turnaround time to market for all phases from requirements through deployment. We oversee all aspects from setting up testing environment to using proven test automation tools, platforms and frameworks aligned with an organization’s goal and business objectives. Our team continuously enhances knowledge acquisition & transfer through continuous integration using available tools in the market.

  • Testing of New Implementations
  • Global Rollouts, Upgrades, Patch Releases and Support
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Preproduction and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Support
  • Consulting & Due Diligence
  • Test Process Definition and Implementation

We adopt world-class processes and infuse intelligence into delivery due to which costs can be reduced and application reliability improved. Our comprehensive quality improvement activities run across different delivery models. We focus on design validation, functionality and performance using innovative tools, automation and standardized testing processes.

  • Support Agile Sprints and Software Development lifecycle
  • Structured Testing Methodologies
  • Standardized Processes
  • On-demand Resource Scaling

Our STS offers rigorous non-functional testing, service-oriented architecture, mobile testing and service virtualization. We provide competitive advantage in the areas of performance testing, automation testing, security testing, SOA testing, mobile testing and testing for migrations to the cloud. Our quality assurance analysts incorporate the best specialized software testing techniques that work for you.

  • Performance Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Mobile Testing
  • SOA
  • Service Virtualization
  • Security Testing
  • Test Data Management

How We Work

Industry-standard processes for every phase of QA Lifecycle

How its work

Create a custom strategy

  • Review & QA estimates
  • Test activity roles & responsibilities
  • Test strategy development

Set up the environment for an efficient testing process

  • Requirements development and/or review
  • Test condition development
  • Test cycle development

Evaluate testing results and provide reports

  • Define Project goals and priorities
  • Implement the best practices of the QA industry
  • Delivery of a high-quality product

Deploy & Run

  • Operational readiness
  • Post-deployment Validation
  • Performance Validation
  • Continuous improvement & innovation
  • Knowledge repository and proficiency management

Hidden Brains QA & Testing Solutions Full-cycle Testing and Quality Assurance Services.

Test Data

End-to-end test data management solution to reduce time-to-market and reduce development costs.

User Experience Testing

Omni-channel user experience testing taking into account all channels and user behavior to achieve higher conversion rates and increased revenue.


Continuous testing to ensure testing along with development, reducing long test cycles with focus shifting on problem-prevention.

QA Services

Managed quality assurance system to ensure highest quality, performance and augmentation of application efficiency.


Test automation services to implement automation frameworks, migrate test automation tools and automated test scripts.


Mobility Testing services to deliver robust, secure and high-performance mobile applications to enterprises

Application Testing

Application testing aims at executing all situations before it is ready for general customer availability to deliver a seamless experience.

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We help clients to keep pace with emerging technologies like mobility, IoT and cloud to provide demonstrable benefits.


Our professionals are apt at envisioning dynamic challenges, addressing business risks to deliver desirable outcomes.


QA analysts thoroughly check the software, process or application to ensure there are no bugs, errors or malfunctioning.


We strike a perfect balance between flexibility and standardization to build QA processes for better quality products.

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