Swift Programming Language

Ever since its launch, Swift app development has grown phenomenally in popularity. Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. to build apps for operating systems of iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS and Linux. Several developers and companies are trusting Swift development to launch enterprise applications.

The growth of Swift can be attributed to the iOS developer community. Several developers have already adopted Swift or are in the process of migrating their projects from Objective-C to Swift. Though Objective-C would not lose its existence so soon, both languages will continue to coexist in the iOS ecosystem.

Swift offers more powerful tools and modern coding solutions for simpler, but expressive coding, app safety, and performance. As well, the language is intuitive, and easier to learn for new programmers.

In order to leverage benefits, it is important to partner with Swift App development company. According to Apple, Swift apps are up to 2.6X faster than Objective-C as well as up to 8.4X faster than Python 2.7.

This infographic provides a timeline of the growth of Swift development and its importance in iOS app development.

Infographic: Swift Development Timeline of Growth

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Swift UI offers an advanced way to develop interface for Apple platforms, allowing iOS developers to build a user interface using one set of tools & APIs. Swift is the future of iOS development. Get ready to adopt Swift.

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