The online food delivery space is gaining momentum. Several online food-delivery and restaurant platforms allow customers to order from a wide array of restaurants from mobile apps. Across different continents such as Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, the business of delivering restaurant meals is undergoing rapid transformation.

The National Restaurant Association’s 2017 State of the Industry report projects industry sales of $799 billion in 2017.

Considering the humongous sales projection, mobile app ordering is becoming key element for restaurant owners as it can result in improved sales and high level of customer engagement. The first movers in the food delivery apps or restaurant apps have been pizza makers. Domino’s lets users order just by texting an emoji of pizza or opening their app; without any clicking.

Several restaurants have adopted technology advancements to attract more customers on the go with features such as comparing menus, reservations in restaurants, POS for restaurants, scan and post reviews, and discounts available with a single click.

There are aggregators which take orders from customers and direct the leads to restaurants. On the other hand, there are delivery players with own logistics, providing delivery for restaurants that don’t have their own drivers.

Advantages of Restaurant Mobile App

Improving Customer Experience

Restaurant mobile apps help to develop an improved customer experience by increasing sales and reducing wait time. When we talk about restaurant app, the first feature that stands out is the option to book table in advance. There are several mobile apps that connect users with the closest restaurants and provide all requisite details to reserve the table. This feature can help reduce wait time at restaurants significantly.

Taking Branding to Next Level

With several brands competing to gain attention, raising brand awareness is the key to success. You can generate buzz about superb service, delicious food, and dazzling decor, but without something promoting recall, you’re just a nameless restaurant that someone recommended. Restaurant owners can display the décor and ambience of their restaurant by providing 3D tours and appealing interior photos. Intuitive and interactive restaurant mobile app design contributes to establishing the visual communication between customers and restaurant owners. It makes both the restaurant and an app stand above the rest and creates brand awareness.

Easy Discovery of Restaurants

Discovery means identifying all existing and possible approaches by which the mobile apps increase visibility of new users and maintain existing customers. Moreover, an appealing user interface and memorable mobile app design can connect more customers to the restaurants. The latest mobile technologies help restaurant owners to deliver the required information about restaurant’s location, menu, contact details, and so on.

Social Sharing

By integrating social media sharing option in the app, restaurant owners can expand the reach of their brand among users’ followers and friends on various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Restaurants can also offer loyalty points to encourage users to share more information about restaurants.

Secure Payment

Making secure and hassle-free payment is an integral part of ordering process. Streamlining how customers engage with your restaurant reduces the amount of resources you have to allocate to non-core administrative functions. Meaning these resources can be utilized and redirected to core areas of the business, directly benefiting both you and your customers.

Improved Customer Service

The customer service benefits of having a mobile app are not limited only to what the customer can do via the app. It eliminates the risk of customers ordering and then never collecting. With effective restaurant mobile app, you can ensure that when customers visit to collect, they are in and out within seconds – reducing wastage of time and resources, and keeping your front desk free of clutter. App also reduces the need to check whether an order being collected has already been paid for.

Here are Some Additional Features

  • Link to Google Maps, providing customers with easy navigation and directions.
  • Configuration of contact number to ensure that customers can call with just a single tap, even without the need to leave the app.
  • Booking form to include details of maximum number of people you can accommodate.
  • List special items under separate sections of menu, instead of highlighting within the normal menu.
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Live Order that allows monitoring order to ensure that customers will get meal on time.
  • Push notifications and Event Calendar know latest offers and local events.
  • Multiple Payment methods.
  • Testimonials, Reviews and Ratings to leave testimonial after order is complete.

Emerging Trends in Restaurant App Development to Watch Out

Predictive Ordering

Restaurant owners are looking to embrace technologies that might help predict a customer’s next order. Restaurants may add algorithms to ordering systems that will not only predict what menu items you might order, but also what you want to eat based on your past orders. This process will make the online ordering process faster and effortless. Predictive ordering system can help recognize behavioral patterns to accurately target your customers.

Drone Delivery

Courtesy Amazon

Food can be delivered via drones and it’s possible that you could be looking to the sky for your next meal. Online retailer, Amazon, plans to use drones to deliver packages to customers. Their goal is to use drones to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less.

The company recently filed patent to indicate that it transcend beyond just selling the things customers ask for though — it’s developing drones to drop your purchases off and then scan house to see if users require anything else.


Mobile apps for restaurants are fast becoming one of the most effective tools for restaurants and food delivery companies with limited budgets to reach out target audience. Apps can improve employee labor costs through mobile ordering, while increasing sales when customers orders with an app. The revolution has already started and reaching the next level with emerging technologies which provide better customer insights and enhance delivery methods.


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