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Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization is an enabler of a paradigm for efficiency and engagement. Enterprises are at the cusp of visualizing mobility as the key enabler for business process automation. The rise of smartphones and tablets has shifted the workforce towards mobility.

Hidden Brains, a leading mobile app development company offers technology solutions and services that are superior to transform the way businesses are conducted. From managing the entire business models to transforming the way business processes work – our application modernization services help businesses move ahead with absolute simplicity.


Our client is a leading internationally accredited and multi-award-winning premium backyard solutions provider, operating for the last 40 years, with over 1000+ completed local and international projects.

Legacy Modernization: A Step to Building Digital Enterprise

Legacy Mobile App ModernizationWe helped an industry leader migrate its existing legacy system to a modern digital enterprise with a multi-platform system focused on incorporating automation and interactivity into existing processes.

Client Vision: The client wanted a seamless, interactive application to operate and manage all processes along with a simple mobile application for their on-site staff to use and operate.

Existing System

  • 1500 Clients
  • 750 Active Schedule Services
  • 975+ Monthly Work Orders

Our Process

  • Advice: We took a consultative approach towards legacy system modernization & development strategy, assessment of service offerings, and its diagnostics to building a comprehensive plan and roadmap for a transformation journey.
  • Identify Gap Areas that necessitated modernization such as inability to monitor onsite staff efficiency, lack of Geolocation and Geofencing to improve service, less support for local teams to track pending work orders, and more.
  • Brainstorm: Visited client office for rigorous discussions at offices understanding the entire back office and existing system.
  • Deconstruct: Build flowcharts for application modernization to define the entities, actions, consequences, and brainstorming to detail functional requirements.
  • Prototype: Created an interactive prototype to replicate the user journey before moving to the development stage.
  • Development: Devised role-based logins to restrict edit and access rights of sensitive information. Focused on making the system dynamic to ensure extensibility and adaptability for potential process improvement.
  • Testing: Established a strategic and systematic testing strategy. Collaborated with the client to set up test accounts and employed a regressive and robust testing methodology to encompass all possible causes for application modernization.
  • Data Migration: Migrated all the real client data and set up the environment on the clients’ server in a smooth manner.
    Launch: We also released the application on Google PlayStore.

Success Snapshot

  • Smart algorithm search option to find skilled manpower
  • Robust & Scalable architecture to meet scalability goals
  • 0% downtime during implementation
  • Improvement to the current business process
  • Advanced dashboards providing actionable insights for intelligent decision making
  • Smart Performance Metrics: Daily productivity tracker for work time tracking, smart score based on QA and feedback.

Business Impact

  • 350+: Work Orders Processed Daily
  • 20: Randomly selected daily QA of Work Orders by an intelligent algorithm
  • 30: Daily invoices created in the accounting software


As a leading mobile app development company, we used our technical expertise and domain knowledge to build simple and highly intuitive mobile applications for technical staff.

Hidden Brains team played an instrumental role in accelerating modernization and driving business outcomes to add value with cutting-edge web and mobile applications.

Legacy application modernization is a step in the right direction towards building an intelligent enterprise. It is important to transform your application to become more agile and embrace the power of the new digital era.

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