Tips to Hire Remote WordPress Developer

It is a highly competitive world with growing technology innovations and advancements. An effective online presence is a norm. Whether it is elearning or buying travel tickets, the Internet has made everything possible with a swipe or a click. WordPress is helping businesses grow digitally, making information accessible across the globe.

WordPress has certainly travelled a long way since its launch in 2003. Here are statistics that show the importance of WordPress development.

Powering nearly 30% of websites on the Internet, WordPress is the most widely used and popular content management system.

Here are some important facts and figures of WordPress

  • WordPress has an impressive 60.8% market share in the CMS market
  • WordPress is behind almost 14.7% of the world’s top websites
  • 500+ sites are built each day using WordPress while only 60-80 per day are built on platforms like Shopify and Squarespace
  • The WordPress Plugin Directory features 55,000+ plugins
  • WooCommerce powers 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites in the world

The overwhelming influence of COVID-19 has devastated both people and businesses across the world. With lockdowns, social distancing and quarantines, it is difficult to ensure business continuity. Several businesses and entrepreneurs are grappling with challenges to launch WordPress site and ensure its seamless performance. In such cases, hiring a dedicated WordPress developer might come across as a feasible solution to overcome the challenges during crisis.

Why Remote Development?

Remote development teams or offshore remote developers can work wonders for your venture if you take steps in the right direction. Across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, startups and businesses have realized the importance of remote developers to ensure critical support is provided to online business operations.

Why Hire a Remote WordPress Developer?

For all those considering why to hire a remote developer?
Let us discuss the importance of hiring a remote developer amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ensure Continuity of your services

The recent turn of events has made it clear that every day, another challenge arises and the growing impact of COVID-19 has left most companies rushing to implement new processes to minimize operational impact. Remote working has become the new norm. The rise of remote workers helps ensure not just business continuity, but also safety of the team.

In case of offshore development, remote developers work in a different time zone, this ensures that your project gets attention nearly around the clock. Also, the remote development team works as a different unit providing support to your onshore/in-house team shortening the time-to-market.

Access to Talent pool with development capability.

Hiring a remote WordPress developer widens horizons for you to choose from a wide international talent pool of programmers ‘adept with the latest skills and emerging technologies. When you hire remote WordPress developer, you have a greater potential of working with highly skilled and talented developers at business competitive rates. When compared with an in-house team, this results in enhanced development capabilities.

Focus on core business while saving resources

Once you hiring a remote WordPress developer, you can focus on core business tasks and aim at growing your business. This results in saving both your time and ultimately, saving money. However, the benefits can be manifold if utilized efficiently.

Greater Work Environment

With modern video conferencing tools, remote developers feel more connected than the developers who work inside an office environment. Remote development promotes better work culture- both for remote developers as well as other team members.

With a remote culture, developers often demonstrate increase in productivity without distractions often prevailing in an unstructured environment as an in-house team often has to work on core activities.

Tips to Hire Remote WordPress Developer

So, now you know that you are thinking about hiring a remote WordPress developer for your business, let us give you some simple tips into the process of hiring a remote developer.

A WordPress developer suggests to build or help to build WordPress websites, as well as come up with innovative ideas, implement and set up solutions, as well as integrate and modify sites. The developer will recommend and advise the best way to implement a system that meets business objectives. They might recommend installing a premium WordPress plugin that they’ll configure for you, or they might recommend building a custom checkout system based on specific requirements.

  1. Get the specific requirement details right.
  2. Reach out and interview the right candidates
  3. Filter out process to identify and hire top WordPress developer
  4. On-boarding the right fit

Look for self-starters

WordPress developers need to be proactive in approach looking with the ability to take on challenges. It is important to understand and evaluate a candidate’s task management and communication skills. Equally important is to understand the ability to take on challenges while dealing with clients.

Skills-based tests and code reviews

Give WordPress developers a hypothetical scenario related coding and ask to solve the problem using WordPress coding best practices. It is important to test developer’s coding knowledge in addition to testing the knowledge of languages, frameworks and tools.

Team Collaboration Skills

While remote developers will work from a distant location, it is essential that the candidate fits with your in-house team or adjusts well. If your project requires frequent collaboration it is important to understand the ability to sync with the team.

Check References

Don’t overlook experience level. Always verify what’s on paper and what is being told in an interview. Remember, to verify all the references given to validate the claims made.


One of the key factors to survive in the future is to ensure continuity of services while ensuring high quality. Hiring remote developers can be a progressive step ahead in the right direction. Hire offshore developer model has been in existence since several years and is the way ahead for the future.

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