Growing impact of Client Server Model for the enhancement of online business have created potential demand of the client server based applications. For the interaction of the users with online business companies scattered over the net, client server based applications are playing a significant role. Millions of the people everyday interacts by the mode of these active websites for their respective interests.

To know about the functioning of these websites over the net one should understand the client server model first, without the knowledge of client server model; non technical person cannot understand the importance of the client server applications.

In the context of web, client server model is divided into web client and web server. In this model client is any web browser through which any information or query can be passed for the web server and server is supposed to answer that query.

For instance, here client is the web browser and server is web server on World Wide Web, as soon as any user of the internet uses any browser for access of web page, then browser requests web page from server to display for the internet user. After receiving the request from web client, server use to send the webpage to browser for display to user.

Rapid competition in the online business is attracting the big as well as small & medium online business companies to develop the applications by using client server architecture which provides quality communication environment between client and server.

There are various characteristics of client-server architecture which makes the web communication easy via applications such as scalability which allows to scale clients and servers horizontally or vertically, communication through APIs (application program interfaces) & RPCs (Remote procedure call) and environment is heterogeneous and multivendor, client – server architecture provides combination of client which interacts with user & server that interacts with the shared resource, etc.

In the present scenario of online business, growing demands of the online users for the business activities over the net requires, for the quick responses and quality services, which cannot be fulfilled by using the old concepts, methods and architectures of developing the web applications.

Growing masses of Hi-Tech customers in the online business environment demand, for more interactive and attractive applications, error- free solutions. For the development of eCommerce websites and applications, client server architecture is used by the contemporary application developers.

For the quality client server application development and professional assistance, business companies from all over the world prefers to hire reputed service providers, for the high level of business presentation on web and customer satisfaction.

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